Pedantic Perspective Audio: The Best OP of All Time Bracket Part 3 (2 of 2)

It’s tournament time so I figured I should get back to a bracket of our own.

Death_Parade_NCOP_[2C494E5B].mkv_snapshot_00.04_[2016.03.21_23.23.24] death parade pose

My NCAA bracket is very dead so I figured I might as well edit and release the lost second section of “part 3” of our best OP bracket. We actually recorded this way back when we recorded “section 1” of this episode. Back then Subete ga F ni naru was still airing and I was still in the process of watching Sora no Woto among other anachronisms you’ll hear during the episode. Regardless of the timing, the podcast is here for you now as we narrow down the Tokyo III region from 16 to 4. I have no snarky comments this time because I’m actually mostly okay with the results. Enjoy:

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