Pedantic Perspective Watches: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut ep. 05 and 06

For this pair of episodes, our commentary includes:

  • Our inability or unwillingness to remember a villain’s name
  • References to the greatest Harry Potter fanfiction ever written
  • AiLied’s thoughts on what a good harem should be

The next post for this show should come out quicker.


Episode 05

Kelloggs: Loli in a box!

Kelloggs: You keep saying The Ruins like that means something.

Keidence: They talked about it before, it’s like the other dimension that they have portals too.

Kelloggs: I wasn’t paying attention.

AiLied: Kelloggs was distracted by Fluffy tits.

PumpkinMochi: At least this wasn’t one color like in Rakudai.

Kelloggs: It does kind of feel though like “I saw this other show do this once so let’s try it here.”

AiLied: That was weird in Rakudai. I did not enjoy that personally.

AiLied: She has a nice butt.

Kelloggs: AiLied, not the time.

AiLied: I mean, it kind of is. They do a good job in this show.

PumpkinMochi: AiLied, you’re missing all the backstory.

AiLied: No, I’m listening to her backstory.

PumpkinMochi: You’re looking at her backstory, but not the right one.

Kelloggs: Shut up, Mochi.

Keidence: Ahahaha.

PumpkinMochi: Um, okay.

Kelloggs: Screencap that.

AiLied: He’s Lelouch!

Kelloggs: I will counter your backstory with my own.

Kelloggs: This story sucks.

PumpkinMochi: Getting kind of meta here.

PumpkinMochi: Does that mean Fluffy is Euphie? Euphie, Fluffy. Close enough.

Kelloggs: Let’s go with that. I’m looking forward to Fluffy killing everyone in the next to last episode.

PumpkinMochi: Oh no.

AiLied: Yeah!

Kelloggs: Gurren Lagann’s back!

PumpkinMochi: They need to be most consistent with their capitalization of the ruins.

AiLied: One of the problems with this translation is that it’s super literal. Like, some of the lines don’t make sense.

AiLied: Like that one.

Kelloggs: It can’t be helped.

PumpkinMochi: Shut up.

AiLied: And the way they translate stuff like the special moves is kind of weird. Divine Dress is a weird way of calling it.

PumpkinMochi: Gotta go for that alliteration.

AiLied: Oh god, this guy. Fucking Edward Elric.

Kelloggs: Tall Edward Elric.

AiLied: Creepy Edward Elric. He’s the Schnitzel we deserve.

Kelloggs: Does this mecha smell like chloroform to you?

PumpkinMochi: The date rape robot?

Kelloggs: Yeah, that would be consistent with his character.


PumpkinMochi: Why is he so evil?

Kelloggs: He’s trying to win the title of Evilest Dude Around.

PumpkinMochi: His helmet thing kinda makes him look like Loki.

AiLied: Loki’s cooler than this guy.

PumpkinMochi: Are you gonna keep monologuing?

Kelloggs: Well, that’s right out of the Evil Villain playbook. If he doesn’t monologue, he’s not gonna be Eviliest Guy.

PumpkinMochi: This show really loves their split screens.

AiLied: He’s Rogue from X-Men!

PumpkinMochi: Oh my god, that line was so bad.

Kelloggs: I did not have relations with that woman, Ms. Krulcifer.

PumpkinMochi: That even kind of looks like Lelouch’s outfit.

AiLied: Looks like his Zero outfit.

PumpkinMochi: Look at those losers in the window.

Kelloggs: They need to get that guy longer sleeves. I know they’re rolled but it looks like they’d be three inches short of his wrists if he unrolled them.

AiLied: It’s fashion in this country. Maybe.

Kelloggs: Oh snap!

PumpkinMochi: Better do it again!

Kelloggs: OH WOW.

AiLied: This time with tongue.

Kelloggs: I think she broke him.

PumpkinMochi: Ahahaha.

Kelloggs: Pfffffttttttt.

PumpkinMochi: I’m reminded of that bad Harry Potter fanfic. “What the hell are you doing you motherfuckers!!”

Kelloggs: “It was… Dumbledore!”


Episode 06

PumpkinMochi: What? New character?

Kelloggs: Cute.

AiLied: Do you want to claim her, Kelloggs?

Kelloggs: No, no i don’t.

AiLied: I think you do.

Kelloggs: I’m pretty sure I don’t.

AiLied: In a good harem, it’s hard to find the right character. That’s how you know it’s a well-balanced harem. They’re so one-dimensional they need the others to exist as fully-fleshed characters.

Kelloggs: That’s good stuff right there.

AiLied: She’s pretty cool.

PumpkinMochi: Oh, I see where this is going.

Kelloggs: There’s one way to solve this problem.

Keidence: This totally didn’t happen in Date a Live.

Kelloggs: That seems like too much bra for this guy.

PumpkinMochi: They’ll give him stuffing.

AiLied: Yeah, he can wear padding.

Kelloggs: He’s gonna be even more than Krulcifer.

AiLied: Wow rude.

AiLied: She’s talking to cats. This is why I like her, she reminds me of Yui from To-love-ru.

Kelloggs: That’s two ways of saying that.

PumpkinMochi: Veto you?

AiLied: Yeah, these subs are very literal.

AiLied: I don’t think I would like wearing a bra.

PumpkinMochi: Have you tried it, AiLied?

AiLied: I don’t think so. I don’t remember. If I did, I was drunk.

Kelloggs: Good answer, good answer.

Kelloggs: Goddamn, these names…

PumpkinMochi: Oh, is that the guy from last episode?

AiLied: Yeah, evil Edward Elric.

PumpkinMochi: I thought he died, but whatever.

PumpkinMochi: Well now he’s dead.

PumpkinMochi: Oh, misandry. Yes!

Kelloggs: That’s what I’m here for.

AiLied: The fact that he always wears his slave collar is still a little off-putting. Like him and his sister.

Kelloggs: Defeat me in battle, then I will agree that men are awesome.

PumpkinMochi: I like how the birds are just hovering in place there.

PumpkinMochi: Um what. What?

Kelloggs: Hello!

AiLied: This will be extended on the bluray.

Kelloggs: I’m just gonna walk around here with no shirt.

PumpkinMochi: That’s fine. The question is will that towel stay on for the rest of this sequence.

Kelloggs: I’m gonna say no.

Kelloggs: I just carry a big black sword around.

AiLied: I mean, they all carry swords around.

Kelloggs: Seems like a very distinctive one. Seems like it can be recognized.

PumpkinMochi: She’ll recognize it during their duel and go “Wait a second…”

Kelloggs: Fluffy!

AiLied: Wait for it… wait for it…

PumpkinMochi: Woah!

Kelloggs: You can’t be half-asleep! It’s either one or the other! There’s no such thing as half!


AiLied: Good lord. This was why it was a hard decision between her and Lise.

PumpkinMochi: What’s hard now?

Kelloggs: Shut up, Mochi.

Kelloggs: What a cliffhanger.

AiLied: Ahahaha, I really like how they did that for this episode.

Kelloggs: Who’s that black-haired one? She’s kind of cute.


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