Pedantic Perspctive Watches: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut ep. 07, 08, and 09

The next post for this show should come out quicker.

Well, that didn’t quite work out, but better late than never, right? For our viewings of this trio of episodes, highlights include:

  • One of the most disappointing beach episodes ever
  • Tentacles! Crazy faces!
  • The appearance of a new robot girl character
  • The importance of safe words are important during asphyxiation play
  • Character designs shamelessly stolen from the Fate/stay Night franchise

[HorribleSubs] Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.35_[2016.03.31_00.15.48]

We didn’t even get to see trap mode Lux in this bikini!

Episode 7

PumpkinMochi: Oh, beach episode. Yeah!

Kelloggs: I need to explain to you what a swimsuit is.

AiLied: Well, she did say it’s her first time wearing one.

Kelloggs: Yeah. but not even knowing what a swimsuit is?

AiLied: Some people don’t.

Kelloggs: Those people suck.

Kelloggs: Girl being self-conscious about her boobs, drink.

AiLied: Wait, is she wearing two swimsuits? She’s wearing two swimsuits.

Kelloggs: I dunno, aren’t they constructed like that? I have not shopped for a girl’s swimsuit in a long time.

Kelloggs: Oh yes, you should wear this.

PumpkinMochi: Wade Roadbelt?

Kelloggs: She’s just making that up.

PumpkinMochi: What? They didn’t even do any hijinks on the beach.

AiLied: This is not a real beach episode.

PumpkinMochi: This is bullshit.

Keidence: Hello, Zorro.

Keidence: Hello, Caster.

Kelloggs: This episode is all over the place. Just get to the part where he puts on the swimsuit.

AiLied: Is that what you’re interested in?

Kelloggs: Maybe.

Keidence: Good content.

AiLied: You can’t trust the tan ones. Although she looks a lot hotter now that she’s evil.

Kelloggs: Goddamnit, AiLied.

AiLied: It also explains her swimsuit because evil characters wear sluttier swimsuits.

PumpkinMochi: What?

Kelloggs: He’s not wrong.

PumpkinMochi: Did she say Divine Gate?

AiLied: No, don’t even open that door. Or Kelloggs will fill that door.

Kelloggs: Well, I have to fill it because the rain can’t.

PumpkinMochi: Oh no, tentacles!

Kelloggs: Yes, fill the holes in your heart with tentacles.

PumpkinMochi: Was she just wandering around?

AiLied: Well, she was just running away. Everyone scattered when the attack came.

Kelloggs: She hasn’t had snacks for like ten minutes so she’s on the verge of collapsing.

AiLied: Oh, she hasn’t eaten anything this episode! Usually, she needs to keep shoving things into her mouth.

PumpkinMochi: There are tentacles around.

Kelloggs: Oh boy, I love octopus.

Kelloggs: What’s wrong with your face?

AiLied: It’s her evil glare, it makes her look hotter.

Kelloggs: Oh, he’s gonna summon the Dragonzord! Oh, it’s just more tentacles.

AiLied: It’s always more tentacles.

Kelloggs: I hate this.

Kelloggs: Ohhhh! Wait what?

AiLied: So much for being the older brother that it was heavily implied to be.

Kelloggs: Classic misdirection from Bahamut. The show just keeps you guessing.

Keidence: What a cliffhanger. It was all planned.

AiLied: Now we can seamlessly transition into what I’m assuming will be the pink-haired gitl arc.

Kelloggs: I’m okay with this.


Episode 8

Kelloggs: Wanton property destruction!

AiLied: That weird purple haired guy.

PumpkinMochi: Look at how smug he is. I bet he’s gonna be a bad guy.

AiLied: He was the creeper guy in episode 2.

Kelloggs: Why is that other guy cosplaying Slaine?

Kelloggs: Oh here we go. Wait… wait, her hair’s still fluffy but she’s lost her Fluffies.

AiLied: I like her better now.

PumpkinMochi: Wow AiLied. You some kind of lolicon?

AiLied: No, just like- her boobs are weirdly big.

PumpkinMochi: You like DxD!

AiLied: Yes, but they’re proportionate in DxD. They’re too big in this.

Kelloggs: I’m gonna need some math on this.

PumpkinMochi: That’s a nice pout though.

Kelloggs: Yeah, I was gonna say that pouty Fluffy is good.

PumpkinMochi: God, always with the snacks.

AiLied: See, she looks fine there. It’s just sometimes they go overboard when they draw her.

PumpkinMochi: When she eats snacks, that’s where it all goes.

Kelloggs: She’s an extremely efficient vessel for converting food calories into boobs.

Kelloggs: And… at best?

AiLied: The main girls aren’t allowed to wear pants.

Kelloggs: This is just like Strike Witches.

PumpkinMochi: Her Fluffies got a lot bigger now.

AiLied: Jeez.

Kelloggs: Yeah, when they’re wider than her arms, it’s kinda like what? Sometimes they’re okay, and sometimes they migrate outward and become awkwardly wide.


PumpkinMochi: Doesn’t she have her own robot?

AiLied: No, the teacher and her are normal people, I guess. I was wondering that too but I’m assuming not everyone uses robots. I feel like they didn’t explain something to us.

Kelloggs: Her parents just played favorites. “We’re gonna get your older brother a robot and we’ll give you jack shit. First born son is the best!”

AiLied: But he’s not the first born son.

Kelloggs: Wait, he’s not?

AiLied: No, he has the older brother.

Kelloggs: There’s another older brother? You can tell that I pay attention to this show.

Kelloggs: This is like some kind of Family Feud shit. You have top five places where men look at women on the board. I’m gonna try line from collarbone to the chest? Ding ding ding! That’s the number one answer!

Kelloggs: Jackpot!

Kelloggs: Guess she’s turned on right now.

Keidence: Goddamnit. So we have a sexbot.

Kelloggs: Yes, they have awakened an ancient sex doll.

PumpkinMochi: What.

Kelloggs: I want a robot with a normal name and not that.

Kelloggs: Headpats!

PumpkinMochi: Yeah!

Kelloggs: She’s looking for food.

Keidence: Out of snacks, feeling weak.

Kelloggs: They need to make a version of Scooby Snacks called Fluffy Snacks.

Kelloggs: If you hang in there, I’ll give you a Fluffy Snack!

PumpkinMochi: That sounds lewd.

PumpkinMochi: Meanwhile, at the Council of Evil.

AiLied: This is just their normal council, I think.

Kelloggs: They just have it all done up to look evil. I feel like they designed these characters after watching Fate/Zero.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, there’s Rider.

Keidence: And that’s Archer.

Kelloggs: This thing is totally a Balrog.

Keidence: The place even looks like Moria.

Kelloggs: Someone just took spare parts from all the other fantasy franchises out there to make this.

Keidence: The fans will love it.

AiLied: They’ve done this a few times in other episodes but this weird color filter saturation thing is a little off-putting.

Kelloggs: It’s not as bad as Rakudai.

AiLied: That felt really obvious, this one is more… I don’t know if they’re doing it on purpose. They probably are.

Kelloggs: Well this just got weird.

PumpkinMochi: I mean… you wouldn’t let Fluffy choke you?

Kelloggs: No…? I’d let her suffocate me with her Fluffies though.

PumpkinMochi: You just have to remember the safe word and you’ll be fine.

Keidence: It didn’t look like she’d listen to any safe words.

PumpkinMochi: You don’t know that.


Episode 9

PumpkinMochi: Uh, who are you again?

AiLied: It’s the guy from the other episode.

PumpkinMochi: Oh, the one that we thought was the brother but wasn’t?

AiLied: Yeah, because they all look the same.

PumpkinMochi: Wow, that’s racist.

Kelloggs: Did she just call her stupid?

AiLied: I like their little background conversation.

Kelloggs: I don’t, it’s really confusing to try to read these subs. I don’t know what happened because the subs are bullshit.

AiLied: She was just complaining about the way she always says “Yes” and she’s like “Don’t you say anything other than yes?”

Kelloggs: No, I mean what the person on the phone was trying to say.

AiLied: Oh, that’s not important.

Kelloggs: He planted-

PumpkinMochi: He planted his seed inside her?

Kelloggs: Damn it, I was gonna say that!

AiLied: He kind of sounds like an evil girl character. I mean, the way he’s talking.

Kelloggs: Did he just call her a trap? The girl has a key, if you know what I mean.

PumpkinMochi: Wait, is he talking about Krulcifer?

AiLied: Yeah, the key is Krulcifer.

PumpkinMochi: I knew she had a penis.

AiLied: But she doesn’t.

Kelloggs: They just said she’s the key, what else could it mean?

Kelloggs: I’m confused. We’re going to save her, but she’s already dead?

AiLied: I think the problem is that the translations they use for this show are super literal. Some of it might be getting lost.

PumpkinMochi: So can the rain fill the hole in his heart?

Kelloggs: Let’s say no.

PumpkinMochi: So who is he talking to right now?

AiLied: The older brother.

PumpkinMochi: Wait what.

AiLied: They all look the same!

Kelloggs: Again with the racism.

Kelloggs: That’s a strange way of saying that you’re hungry.

Kelloggs: He’s gained a lot of precious people. Going with AiLied’s point about the translation, they couldn’t say that he made a lot of friends?

Kelloggs: This robot girl is cute. She can be new best girl when Fluffy dies. I want to think that somebody went “Yeah, her outfit is pretty good but can you do a cutout there for her navel? Yeah, that’s good.”

PumpkinMochi: Meanwhile, in the Fortress of Solitude…

Kelloggs: That’s not good… why do all the girls I pick as best girl try to kill the main character?

AiLied: It’s your subconscious hate of the show.

Kelloggs: This is true.

AiLied: Look at your track record, Kelloggs!

Kelloggs: Goddamnit, what have I done?

Kelloggs: Is this “Simon Says?” At the end of this fight, she’s gonna turn against him and say that he didn’t say “Simon Says.”

Kelloggs: Wait, they have to find against unmanned mechs? This is totally Infinite Stratos.

Kelloggs: Simon didn’t say!

PumpkinMochi: Why not just kill him now?

Kelloggs: No, he has to monologue here.

PumpkinMochi: See, they could have shot him in the face and prevented this.

AiLied: That’s not proper police procedure though.

Kelloggs: They aren’t the police, fuck the police.

AiLied: That face.

Kelloggs: I don’t even know what that face is.

PumpkinMochi: They should just open with that every time.

AiLied: But it’s dangerous.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, but they’ll end up using it anyway.

AiLied: This is the first time he’s used it.

PumpkinMochi: I have no idea what he just said.

AiLied: This is just another translation problem.

Kelloggs: All the best girls have been redeemed!

PumpkinMochi: Wait what!?

AiLied: This is a teaser. It’s the last girl that keeps showing up in all the art for the show.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, but who’d she kill?

AiLied: Some guards? I dunno. We don’t know if she killed them. Maybe she’s just holding a bloody sword while blindfolded around people bleeding from sword wounds.

Kelloggs: Yeah, this could be like Boku Machi. Sure, you’re in the room with bloody hands but you didn’t do it.

PumpkinMochi: That makes sense, we’ve all been there.




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