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Pedantic Perspective Watches: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk eps. 13 and 14

The second cour of everyone’s favorite magic high school battle harem is back! But seriously, this is actually a good show for the genre it’s in. Highlights of our commentary include: AiLied not being able to tell characters’ genders What … Continue reading

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Gaworare ep. 04: Going for the Gold

The school sports festival is upon us, and unlike the rinky-dink ones depicted in other anime, the one in Gaworare is serious business that is more akin to the Olympics. Thus, this is the best sports anime this season. Sorry, … Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime #3 – Bracket Busting Idols

Sunrise has done idol shows before, but being Sunrise, they had mecha in them also. Results ranged from the good (Macross) to the bad (Idolmaster Xenoglossia). With Love Live, Sunrise decided to just do a show solely about idols, and … Continue reading

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