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Pedantic Perspective Watches: Wagamama High Spec ep. 01

The new season has started, so let’s jump into it. First up is a short called Wagamama High Spec, which I had no idea about before watching it. Don’t worry, they quickly establish what the show is about. Advertisements

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Pedantic Perspective Watches: Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut ep. 01 and 02

So the new season is started and maybe its crop of bad shows will be better than last season’s ones. Remember how dumb it was that the main character in Rakudai was called The Worst One? Hopefully we can avoid that … Continue reading

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Donten ni Warau and Inou-Battle First Impressions

More first impressions featuring this season’s historical shoujo anime and Trigger’s new… LN adaptation.

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Nagi no Asukara 26 – Fin

And so we are done. I’m a sucker for happy endings, and as far as endings go, this was pretty much the most convenient ending any of the characters could hope for. Good for them, par for the show, and … Continue reading

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Nagi no Asukara 12 – Running Out of Time

Over the last two episodes, the Ofunehiki, and the hibernation underwater have become the major events the land and sea people are respectively working towards. For Hikari’s family, the Ofunehiki now has the added significance of being Akari’s wedding day … Continue reading

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12 Days of Anime #12 – You Said This Would Be Spice & Wolf!

For my first post in this 12 Days of Anime, I will talk about one of the shows that I was looking forward to at the start of this year: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, or Maoyu for those who prefer shortened … Continue reading

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No Golden Time/White Album 2 This Week

Just and FYI, this week has not been friendly for me schedule-wise so I will not be blogging Golden Time or White Album 2 this week. I’ll be back next week with two-episode posts on both.

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