Pedantic Perspective Watches: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk eps. 15 and 16

Overall, this show is still good but I’d be lying if I said that this fight wasn’t a slog to get through. There weren’t a whole lot of good content in these two episodes, but at least Saya is cute though.

Episode 15

Keidence: Yay, she’s back.

Kelloggs: Glasses are here!

Kelloggs: Get that weak shit out of here!

Kelloggs: Who’s this creeper? Wait, is that Saya?

Keidence: Haha, it is Saya.

Kelloggs: Wait, did we know that Saya was a childhood friend?

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, remember how MC was like “I haven’t seen you in years” in the first episode?

Kelloggs: I don’t remember that at all.

Keidence: I don’t either, but you’re probably right.

Kelloggs: Well now she’s definitely doomed.

PumpkinMochi: That seems kind of dangerous.

Kelloggs: Guys, did I mention that Saya’s really cute?

Keidence: That pout!

Kelloggs: On second thought, Saya is good actually.

Keidence: This is actually a good show! I keep being amazed at that.

Kelloggs: I don’t like them, you guys.

Keidence: They’re pretty hateable.

Kelloggs: In what way? I feel like it’s supposed to get you from seeing stuff and you see it, it’s real isn’t it?

Keidence: It’s probably an illusion of smoke and that’s important somehow.

Kelloggs: I hate it when people use double team, it’s bullshit.

Kelloggs: And gg, that was fun.

Kelloggs: A boot stamping on a human face. Forever.

Kelloggs: Really?! That’s how you’re gonna do this?

Kelloggs: Ehh, not impressed by that fight.

Keidence: Every fight this episode seemed really low-energy for some reason. None of them felt like anyone was trying to win. They would just step back and let them do whatever.



Episode 16

Kelloggs: So wait, are they supposed to be both sisters or is one a girl and one a guy?

Keidence: One’s a guy.

Kelloggs: Okay, I wasn’t clear on that because they refer to one of them as she. I also heard there’s Julis service in this episode.

Kelloggs: Why are you using ice against a fire type?


Kelloggs: Yeah… Um, about that. Yeah.

Keidence: Yeah, they’re saying she. I think they’re making a mistake.

Kelloggs: Hold on, I’m almost done with my nap.

Kelloggs: Believe in the Saya who believes in you.

Keidence: Look at the size of his Prana!

Kelloggs: His Prana grew three sizes that day!

PumpkinMochi: That’s only level 2 also. How big can he get?

ParticularlyPeeved: He can only last a whole hour now.

Keidence: Is this the same power the guy in Rakudai had?

Kelloggs: Yes.

Kelloggs: This guy’s faces…

Keidence: Mitosis!

PumpkinMochi: Oh wow!

Kelloggs: His Prana’s even bigger now!

Keidence: Is this Fruit Ninja?

Kelloggs: Not gonna lie, that was pretty cathartic.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah! Finally!

Kelloggs: Uhhh… wouldn’t that drain his energy?

Keidence: I actually like how proper she sounds, despite it being lewd double entendres.

Keidence: I’m not sure what’s going on. Is she reaching him before he puts his shield up?

Kelloggs: Yeah, he can’t react to her movements fast enough and taking some knockback.

Kelloggs: Not the maid! RIP.

Everyone: Ahahaha.


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