Pedantic Perspective Watches: Hundred ep. 01

We actually watched this a while ago but since we had no real motivation to group-watch any more after the first episode, I kinda put it on the backburner. It’s here now, mostly because our commentary here sets up a few jokes (almost entirely AiLied’s confusion about Emile) in posts to come featuring better shows.

[HorribleSubs] Hundred - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.10_[2016.04.22_01.18.05]

Oh, I love Blazblue!

AiLied: I like the OP. Well… I don’t like the animation but the song is good.

Kelloggs: It’s possible that biking to the OP will be the entirety of Hundred’s contribution to my life.

Kelloggs: Wait wait wait, hold on. I saw glasses.

AiLied: There’s a few glasses characters.

Kelloggs: Okay, I’m right back in this.

Kelloggs: Does she have animal ears?

AiLied: Yeah.

Kelloggs: This show is good, you guys.

AiLied: Yeah, my tagline for this show is that at least it’s better than Bahamut. At least after the first episode.

PumpkinMochi: Why is he hiding from them?

AiLied: Because he doesn’t want attention.  If you were super cool, you’d understand.

ParticularlyPeeved: Who are they surrounding now?

Kelloggs: I dunno. Once he’s out, what’s happening?

AiLied: Everyone’s pushing into the middle and the people in the middle can’t move.

Kelloggs: This is how people get crushed in soccer matches.

Kelloggs: At least we’re continuing Bahamut’s tradition of names Japanese people can’t pronounce.

Keidence: Headpats already!

PumpkinMochi: That is not a guy.

AiLied: That is totally a guy.

Kelloggs: My brand is well represented in this picture.

Kelloggs: This shot is clearly highlighting her fetish appeals. We gotta show the drills and we gotta show the boobs.

AiLied: Why aren’t skirts that short in real life?

Kelloggs: Because it’s annoying to do anything in them?

AiLied: You can do anything in them.

Kelloggs: Have you ever tried to do anything in a skirt?

AiLied: Not that I can remember.

PumpkinMochi: This is all MC’s fault. If he hadn’t run away, they wouldn’t be getting expelled.

Keidence: Is she gonna say duel?

Keidence: Oh my goooood. I can see the blanks in the Mad Libs now.

AiLied: They threw the pieces on the ground and gave a child a crayon to connect them then went “Okay, that’s our plot.”

AiLied: It’s Kokonoe! Although she split into two.

Keidence: Yeah, if you superimpose the two of them onto each other, you’d get Kokonoe.

Kelloggs: I told you they’re hard to pronounce.

PumpkinMochi: Time for some exposition.

Kelloggs: We Evangelion now.

AiLied: See, Emile’s a guy.

PumpkinMochi: Or a flat-chested girl.

Kelloggs: I mean, he has bigger boobs than she does.

AiLied: That’s how I could pitch this, it’s got yaoi content.

PumpkinMochi: Oh, he has an imouto and she’s in the hospital. Of course.

AiLied: I’m a little concerned that she sent him 48 messages.

PumpkinMochi: Headpat?

Kelloggs: Woah, that’s bolder than I expected.

AiLied: Oh no! My male roommate is putting on panties! What could this mean?

PumpkinMochi: She has boobs, AiLied.

AiLied: You mean he.

Kelloggs: Wow. At least Infinite Stratos had the decency to wait a few episodes before pulling this shit.

AiLied: It’s not a legit show unless you have someone walking in on someone changing in the first episode.

AiLied: Wow, hot yaoi action! See, I’m just confused. I’ve seen posters and she has large breasts.

Kelloggs: But he’s a guy. There’s no way that isn’t true.

AiLied: That’s why I’m withholding judgment.

Kelloggs: Maybe he has a twin sister.

AiLied: No, she’s using  Valkyrie Drive technology.

Kelloggs: Well, Valkyrie Drive stole that technology from Infinite Stratos.

AiLied: If you saw the captain who totally looked like a guy in the chest area but somehow had breasts the size of her head being held back by bandages… I don’t think you could breathe if you bound them that tightly.

Keidence: That wasn’t bad at all.

AiLied: Yeah, it’s generic but the good kind of generic.



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One Response to Pedantic Perspective Watches: Hundred ep. 01

  1. John Samuel says:

    Ah, yes, the show I voted most likely to be a Pedantic Perspective Watches in my Spring Round up. 😉

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