Twelve Days of Anime #3: Falling for Julie Sigtuna

Early on last winter we at Pedantic Perspective were scoping out which “shitty light-novel adaptation” we wanted to group watch for Mochi’s PP Watches series. Everyone else had discounted Absolute Duo as the weakest iteration, but I saw something special: Julia Sigtuna.


It’s no secret that Kuudere characters are my favorite anime archetype, but it is uncommon for one to truly distinguish herself from the pack and especially uncommon for her to be the heroine.

Julie’s intro scene in the first episode was so tantalizingly moe it was almost overpowering. Her voice was sweet and soft-spoken and her violet / silver hair was complimented by black hair ribbons which held it in her signature hairstyle. I loved those huge, striking, staring red eyes as well as her slight blush as she turned away. Every detail was meticulously designed for maximum moe impact, and I ate it up.


Unfortunately, Absolute Duo itself does little to differentiate itself from the bog-standard combat school harems that came before it. Even Julia herself is not a particularly well or ambitiously written character, but her particular brand of Kuudere-appeal perfectly struck every pressure point in my heart.

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