Pedantic Perspective Watches: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk ep. 11 and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep. 11

I was swamped with Xmas stuff, so this post is slightly late. Highlights this watch include:

  • Speculation that the Rakudai director is drunk again and poorly trying to rip off Shinbo and Shaft’s visuals.
  • James Bond references in both episodes
  • Kelloggs reminding us about a song from the 90s that should have stayed forgotten.

Instead of a screenshot, have a Christmas picture instead.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep. 11

Kelloggs: Haha, goddamnit. She just skipped out on the announcing. This is like that episode of Idolmaster where they put a plush Chihaya when Chihaya wasn’t available.

Kelloggs: I didn’t realize she was into that kind of thing. Kinky.

Keidence: Gives you stamina.

Kelloggs: Apparently.

Kelloggs: To meet each other in the finals, we just have to win all our matches. This is-

Everyone: Woah!

PumpkinMochi: GODDAMNIT.

Keidence: Ahahaha.

Kelloggs: It’s just like… “Okay, we have to meet each other in the final. And to do that, we have to win all the matches.” Really now, I had no idea that’s how tournaments work. They’re just looking for words to say.

PumpkinMochi: I mean, what about the fact that there are just voyeurs everywhere.

Kelloggs: Yeah, I mean this world is kinda concerning in terms of the number of voyeurs. It also has a lot of forests that are conducive to voyeurs.

Kelloggs: The uncrowned sword king? I feel like there’s a circumcision joke here.

PumpkinMochi: Goddamn NCAA.

Kelloggs: Some guy bought him lunch once because he’s good at sports and stuff, and now he’s gonna get sanctioned.

PumpkinMochi: What the fuck?

Kelloggs: What? I’m focused on the glasses here, I don’t know why you’re freaking out.

Kelloggs: Didn’t this show already do that once? Or was that a different show?

PumpkinMochi: I don’t remember.

Kelloggs: I feel like I saw that gag recently. With the skirt up and the panties showing.

PumpkinMochi: I don’t think it was this show.

Kelloggs: Maybe I just watch too much bad anime.

PumpkinMochi: Is he shrinking more and more?

Kelloggs: Yeah, I feel like he’s lost a foot since the show started.

Keidence: Yep, so the glasses are a limiter.

Kelloggs: No, it was fine already. You didn’t need to explain this. Nobody went “That was a cool fight, but I wished they explained how the electricity interacts with her vision.” But there are probably people who care about that, so I shouldn’t assume.

PumpkinMochi: So it’s like his ability. Perfect Vision or whatever bullshit.

Kelloggs: Yeah, but his is powered by logic.

PumpkinMochi: Oh right.

PumpkinMochi: What?

Kelloggs: Oh my god!

Keidence: Crimson forbidden?

Kelloggs: Goddamn paparazzi.

Kelloggs: Hey hey careful. Oh geez.

Kelloggs: This guy looks nice.

Keidence: I’m calling him Oddjob now.

Kelloggs: As an aside, if you used Oddjob in Goldeneye, you’re an asshole.

Keidence: Yeah, pretty much.

PumpkinMochi: So is making out with a princess improper benefits?

Kelloggs: I’m pretty sure that college sports teams give girls to their recruits all the time. But give them a little money and the NCAA is like “No, fuck that.”

PumpkinMochi: What happened to all the color?

Kelloggs: We’ve entered noir mode.

Keidence: What’s going on?

Kelloggs: I told you. We’ve entered noir mode.

Keidence: Blue!

Keidence: Are you serious? They’re really asking him that?

Keidence: Blue!

Kelloggs: I think the director’s drunk again, you guys.

PumpkinMochi: But you asked him a question…

Kelloggs: Shirogane Ikki…

PumpkinMochi: Is your love true?

Kelloggs: Are you a crimibear?

PumpkinMochi: Why are they doing this grain effect?

Keidence: Yeah, is this a flashback or is it actually happening right now?

PumpkinMochi: It’s happening right now.

Kelloggs: The visual style’s confusing the fuck out of me right now.

Kelloggs: Yo listen up, here’s a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him. da ba dee da ba daa

Kelloggs: Sniff it, sniff it!

PumpkinMochi: What?

Kelloggs: You can still participate in your selection matches, you just have to do it in jail.

Keidence: Wait, I’m still not clear. Is he actually incarcerated because he kissed her?

PumpkinMochi: Yeah. Illicit sexual contact.

Keidence: That’s seriously the reason? Oh my god.

Kelloggs: Now she’s blue? Why?

PumpkinMochi: Ahaha, what the fuck is happening.

Kelloggs: So whenever Ikki isn’t around, the academy gets transformed into film grain.

Keidence: Mhm.

Kelloggs: I’m still going with the director is drunk theory.

Keidence: I’m actually on board with that, I can’t think of anything else.

Keidence: Because it’s bullshit?

Keidence: Now we have yellow! Yellow for hope?

Kelloggs: This doesn’t look very hopeful.

Everyone: Nooooooooooooooooo!

Keidence: This is like a Gatorade commercial.

Kelloggs: Is it in you?

Keidence: Whaaaaaaat. His eyes changed color!

Kelloggs: I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Kelloggs: You aren’t the worst one I raised you to be!

Keidence: He’s coming to a realization, he’s in color now.

[HorribleSubs] Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.11_[2015.12.20_10.40.36]

Kelloggs: This guy’s been watching too much Shaft anime.

PumpkinMochi: The director was like, “Psh, I can do that!”

Keidence: Color and symbolism, how hard could it be?

PumpkinMochi: And then he finished off his whiskey. “Alright, time to direct this shit.”

Kelloggs: That’s funny, I don’t want to continue this any longer either.

PumpkinMochi: So what was the point of all of this?

PumpkinMochi: Well, that was an episode.

Kelloggs: What the fuck is this show, you guys.

PumpkinMochi: See Keidence, they heard you say that the show was getting better and thought “We better put an end to that!”

Keidence: How did this mess this up? They just had to keep doing what they were doing!

Kelloggs: They got bored and started going crazy with the artstyles.

Keidence: I was honestly expecting the end credits to have film grain too. It would have made as much sense as the rest of the episode.

Kelloggs: It’s probably Tarou’s fault.


Gakusen Toshi Asterisk ep. 11

Keidence: Alright Asterisk, Rakudai is handing it to you this week. You just have to not put film grain on everything and you’ll win.

Kelloggs: If they put film grain in this episode, I’m gonna laugh so hard.

Kelloggs: Just sit by while I shove my breasts into your arm, okay?

PumpkinMochi: Goddamnit fuck off, Kirin.

Kelloggs: Yes, Claudia. Please make me atone. That sounds hot.

PumpkinMochi: That guy with the mustache…

Kelloggs: He looks like blond Robotnik.

Kelloggs: You see, I have a gambling problem.

Kelloggs: Or that.

Kelloggs: Don’t worry, he’s trained in carrying girls. Also, I just realized the main character has two rivals that wear clothes off the shoulder.

Kelloggs: Imouto power!

Keidence: So was that whole subplot with Saya just so this meeting could happen?

Kelloggs: It’s like those trick choices in visual novel, you think you’re gonna get a Saya flag but you actually get a vampire girl flag.

Kelloggs: You know, we have a door.

Kelloggs: That desk was three days from retirement!

PumpkinMochi: Is it gonna be like a Jojo thing where it looks like something’s gonna happen but not the way you expect?

PumpkinMochi: Wait, we had Oddjob in the last show and now we have Goldeneye…

Keidence: Make me the third wheel!

Kelloggs: Well, there’s already two of them so she’d be the fourth wheel.

PumpkinMochi: They’re gonna be naked, aren’t they?

Kelloggs: We can only hope so.

PumpkinMochi: I guess not.

Kelloggs: Cute.

Kelloggs: See, this part could have been in film grain except they’re doing it with stills.

Keidence: It’s still de-saturated though.

Kelloggs: Yeah, but it’s actually a flashback.

Keidence: Yeah, stylistically it makes sense.

Kelloggs: And now they’re back in the present.

Keidence: This is how you’re supposed to do it, Rakudai.

Kelloggs: Time for a late night booty call.

Kelloggs: Woah! They’re doing that color thing too.

Keidence: Goddamnit.

Kelloggs: Actually this is pretty cool. Is this the first time we’ve actually seen her in action?

Keidence: I think so.

Kelloggs: I want to see more of this.

[HorribleSubs] Gakusen Toshi Asterisk - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.33_[2015.12.20_15.35.32]

Kelloggs: Ahahaa, what? Have you?

PumpkinMochi: What.

Kelloggs: And the answer to that one is yes, I guess.

Kelloggs: The worst part is that I always have that dumb expression on my face when I die.

PumpkinMochi: Oh boy.

Kelloggs: Yes please.

Kelloggs: Dude! She’s begging for it! (#prudeshaming)


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One Response to Pedantic Perspective Watches: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk ep. 11 and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep. 11

  1. MasterJavier says:

    In the Light Novels the incident of why Ikki is incarcerated is explained better but I’m too lazy to explain all that since is too complicated, basically the anime screwed up explaining it, although I doubt it could have done so without turning half the episode into boring exposition, so I agree that it doesn’t make much sense (and while it did make more sense in the novel it was still a bit far fetched).

    As for the art style, the director of Rakudai is Shin Oonuma, and he actually worked at Shaft before going to Silver Link, he and Akiyuki Shinbo are friends.

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