Twelve Days of Anime #9: Mocha is a Miracle of the Universe

I suppose this was no surprise since mocha is my preferred type of coffee.

Mfw Mocha

Mfw Mocha

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka’s second season was one of the easiest bets for a show I would enjoy this year. It was a sequel to a show I really liked with a returning staff and a simple formula for success. More than any other show (yes, even K-ON) I feel like GochiUsa has cuteness figured out in a way few other shows do. Its aesthetics capture that shiny, warm, endearing feeling more than any other show out there. The point is that GochiUsa did not need to change up its formula much to keep me interested. For four episodes it seemed like this was the plan.

Then one girl showed up and changed everything. Mocha descended on the show like a whirlwind of cuddling and instantly made a good show even better. Everything was just more fun with the wise-cracking, cuddle-happy onee-san around. She suddenly threw everybody else off-balance and brought out a new side in the entire cast. (as well as cuddles for all of them) I love the way she makes Rize uncomfortable, the way she cuddles Chino even more shamelessly than Cocoa and especially the sentimental feelings she has towards her little sister.

cocoa mocha sleeping

It takes a special girl to come in and completely change the feel of a show that had a really comfortable rhythm already but Mocha was up to the challenge. Thank you for being you Mocha. Come back soon please.

mocha rize maids

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