Pedantic Perspective Audio: The Best Anime OP Bracket (Part 2)

Fewer massive upsets this time because some of us know what a good OP looks like.

sakaimichi OP

We’re back for part 2 of our quest to find the best anime OP of all time. This week we complete the first round by narrowing down our 3rd and 4th regions from 32 to 16. You can check out the bracket as of last week here.

On this episode:

  • It’s a good day to be a PA Works OP
  • It’s a bad day to be a KyoAni OP
  • Kelloggs struggles pronouncing foreign words again
  • Nobody knows how to pronounce “nano.RIPE”
  • We discuss our near death experience on a mountain
  • Sane invents a new exercise routine
  • Shinzenn is distracted by bollywood parodies
  • Sane and Kelloggs give suggestions for alarm clocks
  • An epic showdown between Butts and No Buts

The current bracket (spoilers) can be viewed here.

Intro Music: Naniro Biyori by nano.RIPE (Non Non Biyori OP)

Outro Music: Sakamichi no Melody by YUKI (Sakamichi no Apollon OP)

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