South Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club Chapter 2

Birds are jerks, you guys.

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We’re back with more cute girls riding cute bikes (or in the case of this chapter, not riding them). In the time since our last release an anime adaptation of this manga has been announced. Personally, I was stunned to hear that this was happening. Ever since I discovered that this manga existed back in 2011 I considered an anime adaptation sort of a pipe dream. Sure, there are few things I love more than anime about cute girls and cycling but what were the odds somebody would bother to adapt something this niche? Well apparently there’s enough of a market for girls and bikes that this is actually getting adapted and I for one am very excited. Now if we could just get that Amanchu adaptation…

Anyway, this chapter was fun to put together. I like the way Hiromi and Tomoe bounce off each other and this chapter had a lot of great Hiromi faces (see above). It also had the introduction of girls on road bikes (in bike shorts) which is pretty great if you ask me. We’re looking forward to bringing you more of this and hopefully we can get a decent amount of this out before the anime creeps up on us. Until next time, enjoy.


TL: ParticularlyPeeved/SerendipitouslySane

TL Check: Shinzen

QC: PumpkinMochi

Cleaning/Editing/Typesetting: Kelloggs


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One Response to South Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club Chapter 2

  1. Leigh says:

    Thank you! I hadn’t heard of this story before the anime announcement, but being a cyclist myself, I very much wanted to read it once I found out. I’d be very grateful for more translated chapters. >^.^<

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