Pedantic Perspective Audio: The Best Anime ED Bracket (Part 1)

When you want to determine the best of the best, there’s nothing quite like a bracket.


I’m proud to announce a new feature here at Pedantic Perspective: Pedantic Perspective Audio. The Friday Anime Podcast will still be the place to go to hear myself and SerendipitouslySane talk about anime on a regular basis, but for other, more personal projects we’ll have our own releases here.

This first release represents part 1 of our quest to figure out what the best anime ED is. It all started last week when friend of the blog Shinzen linked a YouTube video about somebody’s top fifteen anime EDs. This got us to talking about ranking EDs and this discussion somehow morphed into us building a 65-entry bracket to determine the best anime ED. (The format here is borrowed from [BRACKET!] which is a great podcast you guys should check out) We will have all 65 EDs battle it out over the next few weeks and eventually we will crown the best anime ED of all time.

Check out the audio below for:

  • The secret reason that Kelloggs likes the ED from Kyoukai no Kanata
  • CriticalMiss deciding important matchups via coin flips
  • ParticularlyPeeved declaring his undying love for Inaho
  • PumpkinMochi being a contrarian asshole
  • and more

Intro Audio: Que Sera Sera by fhana (Uchouten Kazoku ED)

Outro Audio: Sayonara no Koto by Uehara Rena (White Album 2)

You can check out the whole bracket here.

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2 Responses to Pedantic Perspective Audio: The Best Anime ED Bracket (Part 1)

  1. Dene323 says:

    Being Setsuna is suffering.

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