Pedantic Perspective Watches: Unlimited Fafnir ep. 1

Our odyssey into this season’s terrible fanservice shows continues with Unlimited Fafnir. Let’s see what Wikipedia says the plot is.

“What the dragons who destroy the world seek – are “D girls” that become their mates. The world was turned upside down with the sudden appearance of monsters named dragons 25 years ago. Over time, superhuman girls were born possessing the power of the dragons, and they were called “D”. Yū Mononobe, the only male in the world to be a “D”, was forced into Midgar, the academy where all the “D” girls were gathered. Yū accidentally views the naked body of Iris, a girl attending the academy, and even reunites with his younger sister Mitsuki with whom he was separated at birth, and he then ends up transferring into the academy. A delinquent girl and the boy who was supposed to become the strongest assassin challenge the seven dragons that threaten the peace of the world.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_01.58_[2015.01.11_18.05.36]

It’s just setting itself up for a torrent of D jokes with that description.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_00.24_[2015.01.11_18.44.45]

Kelloggs: Isn’t this the same opening sequence as Pacific Rim? The only difference is that the Jaegars are replaced with little girls.

PumpkinMochi: Darn, you beat me to that comment.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_01.32_[2015.01.11_20.49.13]

PumpkinMochi: And here we go.

Kelloggs: Looking up at the staff for this show, it is the same studio and director as Kancolle, so this is clearly their lower-tier project.


Kelloggs: She summoned a censorship bar!

ParticularlyPeeved: She just ended up hitting herself.

Kelloggs: She got blasted by her own D.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_04.31_[2015.01.11_21.01.38]

Kelloggs: It’s been a very good week for girls wearing guys’ button-up shirts. For a second there, I read that as “Give me back my shit.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_05.25_[2015.01.11_21.04.33]

ParticularlyPeeved: Shut up and just accept your harem. I hope that he got a girls uniform. Darn, they managed to get him a male uniform even though it was an all-girls school.

Kelloggs: The show would be more interesting if he had to wear a girls uniform for the rest of it.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_06.11_[2015.01.11_21.11.29]

Kelloggs: “I hope you know why I brought you here, to say things that both of us already know.”

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_07.41_[2015.01.11_21.13.39]

Kelloggs: See, this is an uplifting show about accepting those that are different.

PumpkinMochi: Right, just like how Shinmai Maou no Testament was a family drama.

ParticularlyPeeved: Why does he have to announce this to the whole school?

PumpkinMochi: Well, you wouldn’t want the girls to panic when they see him walking around school.

Kelloggs: I’m sure no girl will get mad over him being a student now.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_08.45_[2015.01.11_21.15.27]

PumpkinMochi: Her name is Lisa Hightower… really?

Kelloggs: She’s literally the same character as Cecilia from Infinite Stratos, with the blond hair, challenging the male lead in the first episode and ending her sentences with desu wa.

ParticularlyPeeved: Hey, she’s cheating!

Fafnir 2

Kelloggs: Oh yeah, armpits time.

PumpkinMochi: Are they doing the fusion dance?

Fafnir 3

ParticularlyPeeved: Sigh… I guess they needed to have a boob bounce eventually.

Kelloggs: You know what else is stiff…

PumpkinMochi: Goddamnit!

Kelloggs: Doesn’t he know you can just layer activation sequences on top of eac-, oh wait, wrong show.

Fafnir 4

PumpkinMochi: That was completely necessary.

Kelloggs: These are the weakest transformation sequences ever.

PumpkinMochi: The only thing that happens is that you get to see the shape of their bodies-, okay I get it now.

Boundless: I just realized that I’ve been muted this whole time. I was wondering why people were saying similar comments after I had said them.

Kelloggs: Woo, we’re gonna get credit for your words now.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_17.12_[2015.01.11_21.45.15]

Kelloggs: So you’re saying they want the D?

ParticularlyPeeved: Sigh…

Kelloggs: Don’t worry, this joke will be a recurring theme.

Boundless: I’m sure.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_17.26_[2015.01.11_21.41.01]

Boundless: They’re revealing this pretty earlier.

Kelloggs: Yeah, usually they reveal it 2/3rds through the show where it causes  the main character to have an existential crisis or whatnot.

Boundless: They must have some ridiculous stuff later on if they’re dropping that this early.

ParticularlyPeeved: I think it’s just gonna be typical harem hijinks from now on.

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_19.56_[2015.01.11_21.49.14][FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_20.04_[2015.01.11_21.49.37]

Kelloggs: This is a pretty heavy story to be telling here.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, especially to a guy you only met a day or so ago.

ParticularlyPeeved: Woo, headpat! I knew it!

[FFF] Juuou Mujin no Fafnir - 01 [A0A924B4].mkv_snapshot_20.35_[2015.01.11_21.52.58]

Kelloggs: Yeah, i know everyone you loved died, but why were you naked earlier.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, let’s focus on what’s really important.

Kelloggs: Oh no, it’s glowing! There are orcs dragons nearby!


Kelloggs: Just throwing this out there, but the girls in this show look really young. It looks like they’re from a cute slice-of-life show, but this is a harem.

Boundless: So what do you think about this compared to the other fanservice shows so far.

Kelloggs: I enjoyed Testament the most, and I’d probably take this one over Absolute Duo.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, same.

ParticularlyPeeved: I haven’t seen Absolute Duo yet. Is it really bad?

Boundless: I’d say it was better than Fafnir, but I have my own stupid reasons.

Kelloggs: Yeah, he likes how the main girl in that is super kuudere.

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