Twelve Days of Anime #3: Trinity Seven Doesn’t Waste Time

Every season, I try to watch at least one show whose chief selling point is fanservice together with Boundless and ParticularlyPeeved just so we can make fun of the show together. For the fall season, we tried to find a bad but entertaining show in that mold. Although we had some disappointments along the way, we settled on Trinity Seven, which proved to have more than its fair share of fanservice and harem antics. Near the end of the series, we were familiar enough with it to make up a game to make things more interesting. (Fair warning: this post will contain NSFW content.)

[HorribleSubs] Trinity Seven - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2014.12.18_22.36.18]

The show also deserves credit for knowing who best girl is.

As we started the 9th episode, we decided to make bets as to how long would it be before a character lost all their clothing. I went with what I considered to be a safe time (seven minutes), while ParticularlyPeeved boldly predicted that it would happen by the four minute mark. For some unknown reason, Boundless still had faith in the integrity of the show’s creators and went with eighteen minutes.

After an uneventful opening scene and the opening song, the timebar was at the 2:36 point, and ParticularlyPeeved was ready to concede defeat since the next minute after that was just exposition. However, fortune smiled upon him as with less than ten seconds left to go before the 4-minute mark, one of the characters (Mira) was about to do some sort of magic but it backfired and then this happened.

Mira loses clothes

This moment left the three of us simultaneously stunned and amazed, and I seriously thought that ParticularlyPeeved had seen the episode beforehand since his choice of timing was almsot right on the money. He hadn’t seen it before, and he even said that he threw out a low timestamp and didn’t expect to win at all.

We tried this for the next episode as well. ParticularlyPeeved again chose a timestamp of four minutes, while Boundless again went with a higher number (12 minutes). I decided to lowball my guess given what had happened in the last episode and went with 3 minutes. That proved to be more than enough, as it happened this time at the 2:01 mark.

Trinity 2

Keep in mind that this is with the 90-second OP sequence included, so it was barely 30 seconds into the actual episode. Trinity Seven wasn’t done with the fanservice yet though, and by the three and a half minute mark, two other characters had their clothes explode off as well.

We played this game with the last two episodes of the series, but our results were less memorable. The most shocking thing was that it didn’t happen at all during the 11th episode, which was extremely boring due to their taking a page out of Mahouka’s book on how to deliever exposition. This continued into the final episode, which had only one instance at 14:36, when it happened to the male lead.

Trinity 3

The game was fun while it lasted, and it helped us when it came to getting through a trahsy show.

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