Twelve Days of Anime #4: A Rare Non-Fanservicey Beach Episode of Anime?

I found Isshuukan Friends to be an enjoyable slice-of-life-y type show for most of its run, and I only really had a problem with the ending for not really address Hase’s attitude problems, but that is a topic for another day perhaps. The best part of the series was the relationship between Hase and Kaori which I felt was adorable, and I think that my favorite episode of the series was the eighth one, in which the main characters take a trip to the beach.

[Vivid] Isshuukan Friends - 08 [23D3E475].mkv_snapshot_13.37_[2014.12.22_23.48.37]

Like much of the show, this episode had a very relaxing feel to it, with the characters doing things like hanging out in an arcade and taking pictures in a photo booth.

[Vivid] Isshuukan Friends - 08 [23D3E475].mkv_snapshot_12.44_[2014.12.23_00.00.40]

This picture put me at risk for diabetes.

There were also some good moments of character growth (even if it was just a small amount). Saki is trying to get Hase to admit that his feelings for Kaori might go beyond friendship, while Shogo is sort of trying to do the same thing with Kaori, who might have realized that she felt some jealousy when she saw Hase talking to Saki. Overall, I felt that this episode was the high point of the series before it started to go south.

Another thing that I really liked about the show was its look, which reminded me of the washed-out pastel look in Wandering Son and Usagi Drop. A few of the shots in this particular episode were drop-dead gorgeous. I’ll let them speak for themselves by showing them below, but I just wanted to say that they were a big part of what made Isshuukan Friends memorable for me.

[Vivid] Isshuukan Friends - 08 [23D3E475].mkv_snapshot_18.59_[2014.12.22_23.32.23]

Gonna agree with Kelloggs that sunsets are awesome.

[Vivid] Isshuukan Friends - 08 [23D3E475].mkv_snapshot_20.14_[2014.12.22_23.32.49]

OH MY STARS. SO PRETTY. (I used this as a wallpaper for a while.)

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