Twelve Days of Anime #5: Dandy Zombies

After a brief delay, we’re back with a post about one of the most unique shows of the year.

zombie yogurt

Space Dandy was always less a TV anime with a traditional narrative and more an artistic experiment where various talented directors and animators would take the Dandy universe and do whatever they felt like within it. The result was something that was certainly different from anything else out there, but also something that left wildly varying impressions on me from week to week. One episode that stands out on the positive side of that spectrum is episode four: the zombie episode.

zombie tooth brushing

Like most good Space Dandy episodes, this one started off using a standard set up that most viewers would be familiar with. In this case it was a zombie apocalypse. The first half of the episode plays out exactly like a standard zombie movie until our heroes are all turned into zombies by the halfway point.

zombie cheers

The second half is where the episode shines as it transforms into something resembling a zombie documentary. We get some very funny and surreal moments like the main crew asking their “zombie-senpai” for advice (he tells them to eat yogurt instead of raw meat), Dandy collecting on his own life insurance policy because he’s technically already dead and the group visiting Boobies as zombies. It was a very funny episode that showed us what Space Dandy was capable of pulling off when everything came together. Space Dandy might not have been the most consistent of shows, but every once in a while it gave us episodes like this to remind us of how good it can be.

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