Twelve Days of Anime #4: Physics-defying Lesbians

What, you thought this show was just about cute girls kissing?

I mean that is a large part of it, but still.

I mean that is a large part of it, but still.

Sakura Trick was an anime that made very little effort to hide what it was about. It exists in a world where the only people that matter are cute girls, and all of these cute girls are in love with other cute girls. It’s a world I affectionately refer to as “the magical land of lesbian magic.”

sleepy yuu

But sometimes that land becomes less lesbian and more magic. This was the case in a particularly magical scene near the end of episode one. Haruka and Yuu found themselves locked inside an empty classroom and the only way for them to get back to their own classroom was to traverse the gap between two balconies. After the obligatory kissing, it was time for Haruka to attempt to make the leap. What happened next, well…

balcony flip 2

Don’t try this at home

It defied any number of laws of physics in addition to defying simple common sense. It was incredibly silly, but at the same time it kind of works because Sakura trick is a silly show. Even if you’re the kind of grump whose sensibilities are deeply offended by shows throwing physical realities to the wayside, this was still one of the most memorable scenes in anime this year. For me, it was yet another charming point in an extremely cute and endearing anime.

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