Pedantic Perspective Watches: OreTwi ep. 11

With only one more episode till the finale, our heroes… end up fighting the weakest Guildy to date, while Soji spends the entire episode as a girl.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_02.53_[2014.12.22_00.43.23]

I wouldn’t have any complaints.

PumpkinMochi: So I heard this episode has better quality than the last few ones.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2014.12.21_18.34.49]

Kelloggs: Ugh her face. I thought you said this would be better!

PumpkinMochi: Well, this is technically from the last episode.

Kelloggs: Fair enough. Her face has been off since the first episode now that I think about it.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_00.55_[2014.12.21_18.36.41]

Kelloggs: Wait, you don’t have much squish. It’s more than Aika, but that’s not saying much.

PumpkinMochi: It’s not hard to be greater than zero.

Kelloggs: It’s a non-zero amount of squish, but you could round it down to zero. Negligible squish is what I’d call it.

Kelloggs: Wait, when they say “Ooh Baby” in the opening song, they sub it as “Uh Baby”. They completely lose the nuance of this deep opening song.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_02.49_[2014.12.21_18.56.32]

Kelloggs: Wat

PumpkinMochi: How did you even come up with that name.

Kelloggs: She wants to play dress up with TailRed

Boundless: Who doesn’t?

Kelloggs: If only your father could see what a lovely young lady you’ve become.

Kelloggs: Lewd!

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_03.49_[2014.12.21_19.05.29]

Kelloggs: Please no pee jokes. FUCK, PEE JOKES.

excited Yellow

PumpkinMochi: What’s wrong with Yellow?

Kelloggs: You know what couldn’t be any harder right now.

PumpkinMochi: …

Kelloggs: I was talking about potty training.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_05.01_[2014.12.21_19.12.15]

Kelloggs: Wait why would you do that.

PumpkinMochi: I’ll suffer along with you. Wait, where are you going?

Kelloggs: Well that was a mistake. I did a Google search on drinks that make you pee and I got a WikiHow link on How to Make You Pee with pictures.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_06.23_[2014.12.21_19.14.57]

PumpkinMochi: What the? What is she doing with that one hand?

Kelloggs: Wait, that remote goes to 12. What the fuck. This is worse than that one show, I don’t remember which one, with the girl playing what looked like a Wii with a X-Box controller.

Boundless: I think that was Nanana.

PumpkinMochi: Time for a new transformation sequence?

red transform

Kelloggs: This is basically the same. They never really showed the process of going from male to female, which is probably for the best.

Kelloggs: He was too weirded out last time by your faces, so he sent me instead.

Kelloggs: They’re clearly in imminent dang-, Oh hello, I lost my train of thought there for some reason.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_10.45_[2014.12.21_19.34.17]

Kelloggs: This is like the Majin Buu fight. Is this gonna take 12 episodes?

PumpkinMochi: If this show had to go another 12 episodes, it’ll devolve to crayon drawings by the end.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_11.49_[2014.12.21_19.34.56]Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_11.54_[2014.12.21_19.35.17]

Kelloggs: Because she’s always been a model of accuracy and restraint.

PumpkinMochi: Well, that was easy.

Kelloggs: You could call that fight Staples, because that was easy.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_13.11_[2014.12.21_19.39.12]

Kelloggs: I’d say its your friend cum lover. But that’ll force you to write cum lover in the post, and nobody wants that.

PumpkinMochi: Of course not.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_14.03_[2014.12.21_19.40.11]

Kelloggs: But she’s wearing nothing! Eh… whatever.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_15.02_[2014.12.21_19.42.03]

Kelloggs: I was hoping that they’d do an episode of twintail maintenance.

Boundless: It reminds me of something that they would do in Meganebu about taking off your glasses.

Kelloggs: Oh right, like that whole MR inspection, which was better than this. In general, everything this show does, Meganebu does better.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_16.33_[2014.12.21_19.46.43]

PumpkinMochi: Did you expect it to be all fun and games?

Kelloggs: Grizzled veteran of the twintail war, Twoearle.

Boundless: It’s personal now!

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_18.35_[2014.12.21_19.48.54]

Kelloggs: How many apprentices does this guy have?

Boundless: It looked like that entire dojo was full of his apprentices.

Kelloggs: Apparently there’s a whole girlyboy faction down there in, do they have a name for where they live?

PumpkinMochi: I’m fine with Guildyland.

Kelloggs: Now I’m imagining one of them being asked “You just defeated TailRed. What are you gonna do next?” and responding “I’m going to GuildyLand.

PumpkinMochi: Wait, he didn’t explode.

Kelloggs: I would have gone with charm point personally.

Snail Guildy explodes

Boundless: What was that about your toughness?

Haven’t you played Pokemon? Most of the hard shell types have some sort of self-destruct move where they blow up and do shrapnel damage. This is like that, but it doesn’t actually do anything.

Kelloggs: That’s way too literal right there.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 11 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][3E4B5E74].mp4_snapshot_21.50_[2014.12.22_00.34.41]

Kelloggs: Goddamn it, did they really have to call it that.



Kelloggs: Should be a big finale next week.

PumpkinMochi: I’m sure it’ll ruin Christmas.

Kelloggs: Nah, that’s Yuuki Yuuna’s job. I’m not even joking there. It’ll be like White Album 2 last year. Anyway, two things about this episode. The thing with him turning into a girl should have happened four episodes earlier, and people should stop watching this show and watch Meganebu instead. It’s better at being about a random character trait being taken too seriously. Proof that anime originals are better than light novel garbage.

PumpkinMochi: Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with that.

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