Twelve Days of Anime #7: Dark Grasper’s Garish Rain-Bow

I had planned to write this post yesterday but my time was taken up by real-life festivities, including a white elephant gift exchange in which I obtained the complete series of Senran Kagura (which was the subtitle Ninja Flash for the U.S. release just to make it crystal clear it is a fanservice show) on Bluray from Kelloggs, which was worth it just for the terrible puns in the back cover synopsis, but I digress.

One of the fall shows that I was looking forward to before the season started was Ore Twintails ni Narimasu just because of the plot where a guy becomes a twintailed girl and has to fight perverted aliens. The studio in charge of the production was IMS, which did a so-so job (in terms of animation quality) with their only other works to date, Date a Live II and Inari Konkon Koi Iroha. I didn’t expect Twintails to look especially good, but not bad either. Much to my horror, the 9th episode ended up being memorable for all the wrong reasons and it might be the most poorly animated thing I’ve seen in the last few years.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 09 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][C083B318].mp4_snapshot_03.19_[2014.12.20_10.54.01]


I’m not sure what the circumstances behind the decision was, but IMS decided to outsource even the key animation for this episode. The results were not pretty, as seen in our commentary writeup for the episode. Some of the problems were character faces being consistently off-model, mouth flaps that were only a few looped frames, and a general lack of quality control/checking.

glasses change shape

As the wielder of Glasses Gear, I guess she can also change their shape at will.

The most hilariously bad part of the episode occurred after the midway point of the episode, when Dark Grasper/Iisuna is fighting the Twintails. She is wielding a bow with a color scheme that matches her black and pink armor, which makes sense. But for one shot, the bow inexplicably has a green, yellow, and pink color scheme.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! - 09 [720p][Funi-DL][Pikanet128][C083B318].mp4_snapshot_19.35_[2014.12.08_00.40.13]

No, it won’t be good.

After seeing this, I tried to rationalize it, and the best explanation that I could come up with was maybe Iisuna had powered up so that the weapon was stronger now. But even that doesn’t make any sense, since it would mean that her armor should have changed colors also. The very next scene that shows the bow (only a few seconds later) shows it with its regular colors even though it wasn’t used it yet.

So yeah, this was just a really egregious mistake that should have been noticed by at least one person working on the episode, but maybe this person didn’t care enough or thought that they’ll just fix it for the blurays.

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