Fleeting First Impressions – Part 1

Though the new season is underway, the cream-of-the-crop shows have yet to be aired. The shows that have come out so far have been less than impressive and don’t really merit individual posts, so ParticularlyPeeved and I wrote down our initial thoughts about several of these shows as we were watching them.

[Kaitou] Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai (I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying) - 01 [720p][10bit][DC97D116].mkv_snapshot_01.04_[2014.10.06_00.19.16]


ParticularlyPeeved: The show where humans have to take on cockroaches on Mars. And there’s a German named Adolf. And mutants, there are mutants. Also has censorship that has been inspired by Tokyo Ghoul.

Terra Formers

PumpkinMochi: My expectations going into this was that it is Starship Troopers in anime form based on the premise. Our main character, Hizamaru, is taking part in underground cage battles being watched by creepy rich people. He is doing this to get money for his sickly childhood friend that needs money for an organ transplant. He has made it to the finals and his last opponent is…. a bear?! Not just any bear, but a bear that was raised to like the taste of human flesh. The MC gets slaughtered by the bear, but it turns out that he has regenerative powers. His efforts are for nothing, since his childhood friend has died. So he has no choice but to undergo some sort of special surgery and participate in a mission with other enhanced people to Mars to fight giant roach aliens. Even though this show was trying to be serious, I thought a lot of moments were really silly. Like PP said, there is also a lot of censorship. I guess I’ll give the next episode a watch also, but I don’t have expectations for it.


ParticularlyPeeved: 3D CG. Robots that know about flowers. Sudden changes of atmosphere. I don’t know where to start about the battle sequence, I think everyone is a robot now. I think there’s less shooting in FPS games. And apparently robots bleed. Okay this is robot hentai. This is really really bad.

Karen Senki

PumpkinMochi: Wait, I recognize that logo. This is animated by that company that does those Taiwanese animated news shorts, so I can expect some QUALITY animation in this show. OH SNAP ROBOT APOCALYPSE. Good thing they were built with a very conspicious weak point for our badass lead to take out with maximum cool points. I thought this was post-apocalypse, but now it’s apparently cyperpunk and murderbots are just after the main character for some unexplained reason. Also, there’s human on robot sex for some reason. At least this was only ten minutes.

Karen Senki 2


ParticularlyPeeved: Well this is obviously a kids show. The kid has too much energy, literally bouncing off the walls. And what is with that hair… Dancing dancing dancing, random cat, dancing dancing, I think this show is about cats.

Tribe Cool Crew

PumpkinMochi: The title might be the most memorable thing about this show, but let’s see if I am proved right or wrong. The design of this show is definitely that of a kid’s show. The main character has some sweet parkour moves though, but runs into a cat on a wall causing them to both fall asleep for some reason. More sweet dance moves that catch the attention of a girl that is probably gonna be another main character. She also has some dance moves of her own. By the end, they end up meeting and end up forming a dance crew. The ending shows the other people that will eventually join their group, but I don’t think I’ll be sticking around for that.

Tribe Cool Crew 2


ParticularlyPeeved: This is off to some start. Apples are important. There are some people with really creepy tastes looking for manga, ahem, doujinshi. Everyone is an Ero-Book Lover! Oh this is one of those split episode shows with two arcs per episode. I spotted a cat, maybe this show will have a thing like Ao Haru Ride. I think I want to cry like Sensei-chan, probably not for the same reasons. Plus the show is sexist, wait… I think that’s most of anime. Red bull gives you wings. A show of two halves.

Denki-gai no Honya-san

PumpkinMochi: I guess the horse head logo for their store is supposed to be cute, but I find it just creepy. So all the characters have weird nicknames, and they all look tiny compared to that one tall guy character. I didn’t know that there was doujin police in Japan, but apparently everyone loves ero books there. Even the cop goes there on her off-hours to pick up ero material. I guess to identify overly lewd content, you need those who are experts in it, so this is kinda like Psycho-Pass. One of the characters, possibly the main female love interest, is a dedicated mangaka with narcolepsy, so this is also ripping off Nozaki-kun. On the plus side, this was better than the manga source material, which just  bored me to tears.

Denki-gai no Honya-san 2


ParticularlyPeeved: What just happened? Did her hair color change? Was that a bunch of references, and, uh, why are these two married. What it’s over already, what did I just watch? Well, that’s definitely a short, yeah, it’s something, and it’s short.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai

PumpkinMochi: This might be interesting just for the interaction between the wife and husband, and the crazy sex joke was kinda funny. I’ve already noticed shout-outs to Mikakunin and Kenshin, and this is already a better reference show than Honya-san up above. Another important thing learned is that nothing recharges an otaku’s spirit like a catgirl. This was kinda cute, and I’ll probably end up watching the rest of it since it’s a short.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai 2

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One Response to Fleeting First Impressions – Part 1

  1. Terra Formars did not impress me either. I may end up watching just because it seems to be popular.

    Cool Tribe is one of the only series that I skipped this season for the obvious reason of it being a kid’s show.

    Like I said on the other, Denki-Gai no Honya-san made me laugh just enough to keep me interested. It did give me Genshiken vibe, except with moe.

    Honestly, Danna ga Nani wo Itteru ka Wakaranai Ken made me laugh more in its 4 minutes than other series have in full 20 minute episodes. I will admit that it is nothing special, but Otaku jokes are almost a guilty pleasure of mine.


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