SerendipitouslySane’s Second Sententious Scrutiny of the Season Supra, Part V

 6.      Hanayamata

Hanayamatata! What a wonderful phrase!

Hanayamatata! It’s a yuri craze!

It means all the moe, for the rest of your days!

It’s a shounen free, philosophy…

To put it simply, Hanayamatata (sorry, I stuttered) is K-On with a purpose, and Japanese dancing instead of rock music. Pretty clothes, not much conflict of consequence, and excessive amounts of schoolgirl lesbianism: it’s like Kelloggs’ own brand of heroin.

HFW Lesbians.

HFW Lesbians.

Despite our blind worship of cute girls doing cute things, there are a few flaws to this wonderful amalgamation of happy, sparkles and pubescent girls dancing. Unlike K-On, Hanayamata actually has a plot, the majority of which follows the process of Hana and Naru slowly convincing each of the other members to join the Yosakoi (Japanese freestyle dancing) club by solving their individual circumstances and personal issues, visual novel style. However, the five members are so distinct in their character settings that the process of gathering them in one club stretches suspension of disbelief. Two of them are acting student council president and vice-president, and another was in a light music band which suddenly and conveniently disbanded (in a sneaky jab at its cousin show, I’d like to imagine). The reasoning by which they chose to join all felt forced, unrealistic or heavily predicated on yuri relationships.

Granted, an extremely compelling reason.

Granted, an extremely compelling reason.

A second flaw to this show is the desperate lack of dancing in a show supposedly about it. There is precisely one dance in the entire season, which is the same song and dance moves as the opening. In fact, there are as many songs for the disbanded light music club as the Yosakoi club. While is it realistic for a fledging club of five people to not have more than one number within the timeframe of the show, it felts like a waste that they used the same song in each of the three performances, especially with the show being so beautifully animated and the art style so suited for Japanese dance.

Not that I have any complaints for the dancing we do get though.

Not that I have any complaints for the dancing we do get though.

Cute lesbian girls isn’t for anyone (because there are sad and unenlightened people in this world), but if you are one of those who have seen the light, then Hanayamata is well worth the watch.


Expected Rating: 7/10

Tomorrow, we tackle Life, the Universe and Everything, but especially the first one.

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