Glasslip 12: Nothing Really Matters

Nothing really matters… to me.

I could waste your time with a breakdown of what a travesty this episode of Glasslip was, but after the creators decided to waste my time (and yours presumably if you’re still watching this) with an extended parallel universe… thing, that didn’t add anything to the story, I don’t feel like wasting more of our time with an extended post on why that was nonsense. Sufficient to say, the episode contributed nothing to what is left of the overall story and shed basically zero light on the true nature of what’s going on here while also wasting an entire twenty-two minute episode in the process. The town covered in snow was pretty but other than that the episode was a total loss. Come back next week for the conclusion and final breakdown.

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3 Responses to Glasslip 12: Nothing Really Matters

  1. John Samuel says:

    Disappointed that you didn’t go with “What is this, I don’t even squared”. 🙂

    Otherwise in agreement with the trainwreck that was this episode.

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