Spring 2014 Season Preview (Part 3)

So we’ve made it through most of the shows coming up this spring in part 1 and part 2 of this series. It seems that there’s quite a bit of mediocre anime coming out this season. (what else is new?) Fortunately, we’ve saved the best upcoming anime for this final post. Unfortunately, we’ve also saved the worst anime for this post. What can I say? You win some, you lose some. We start with the latter category:

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yatte Mita

By Kelloggs

locodol tall

Source: 4koma Manga

Studio: Feel (Outbreak Company, Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai)

Notable Staff: None

Genres: Comedy, Music(?)


You’ve seen school idols (Love Live!), space idols (AKB0048), idol idols (The iDOLM@STER) and magical rock idols (Natsuiro Kiseki) so now it’s time for… local idols? Yes, Futsu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yatte mitta (which I’m shortening to lol-idols because I can) is the story of high school girls Nanako and Yukari who perform as the town’s local idols at the request of Nanako’s uncle. Actually, the official plot synopsis on MAL says they “end up” becoming the town’s local idols as if it was an accident or something, which says to me that nobody is really sure why anything in this anime actually happens. Really the entire premise screams “5 minute short” although as of yet there’s no indication that’s the case here.

Based on the longer synopsis available on anilist it seems like the primary gag of lol-idols is that rather than doing all the glamorous “real” idol things, Nanako and Yukari will do their cheap local equivalents. Instead of being interviewed on talk shows they get interviewed by the local shopping center. Instead of appearing in major TV events they appear on low-budget cable. Instead of appearing in sold out stadiums they appear on the roof of department stores. Instead of having major sex scandals they… well, you get the idea. I mean the gag itself is at least vaguely novel which is more than I can say for something like Kawaisou. Still, lol-idols’ premise comes off as paper thin and the 4koma format won’t do anything to help that. Then again, the premises of a lot of 4koma adaptations seem suspect on paper and the final work can be really enjoyable.

The real problem here comes when you look at the staff. The credits of studio Feel and director Munenori Nawa read like a laundry list of trashy anime with generally shoddy pacing and production values. I mean I liked last fall’s Outbreak Company (produced by studio Feel) well enough but it certainly wasn’t something anybody would call “classy”. Yuniko Ayana, who is in charge of series composition, offers a bit of hope as she filled the same role on Kiniro Mosaic, which is one of the better 4koma adaptations out there, and she wrote the script for Natsuiro Kiseki which is another show about idols which I consider to be a hidden gem. Then again, she was also in charge of series composition for the regrettable Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko so it might be a matter of the source material she’s given. None of the manga is translated so I can’t speak directly to its quality but I just don’t get the feeling that it has the same kind of spark that Kiniro Mosaic did. While I may not know much about sports anime I do tend to have a good eye for slice of life 4koma adaptations and this one doesn’t strike me as something worthwhile. All in all this is likely a pass for me.

Anticipation Level: 2/10

Hitsugi no Chaika

By SerendipitouslySane

hitsugi no chaika tall

Source: Light Novel

Studio: Bones (Daker than Black, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater)

Notable Staff: None of note

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen


A light novel adaptation with a director of almost no repute, with magic action and a loli in fetish clothing; I haven’t been doing anime previews for very long, but it’s more than long enough to spot the flag raised by these parameters. This is the kind of terrible show that you watch because you, like me, have no self-respect; the same as that terrible show you watched the season before, and the season before that.

It’s a loli in a…wrong kind of box.

It’s a loli in a…wrong kind of box.

Now we have addressed that, let’s move on to the more important concerns, such as WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR EYEBROWS!? Are they detachable? Can you eat them like pickled radishes? Can you play the keyboard? Do you serve tea and cake?

Anticipation Level: 3/10

Sadon Desu

By ParticularlyPeeved

sadon desu

Source: Manga

Studio: Gainax (They’ve previously done some good things but we all know those don’t count aymore)

Notable Staff: None

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life


The story revolves around Koume who enters a private high school. She hears from her friend Sasuga that if she enters the tea ceremony club, she can eat snacks. They bring along their classmates Mikaeru and Momiji to join the club with her. The president of the club is 11th grader Ayame.

This is a slice of life anime about girls in high school, so why am I not interested? *cough* C-3-bu *cough* Gainax *cough* In other words, this is probably going to be disappointing at best, and actively annoying at worst. I suppose by looking just at the premise, slice of life fans might want to give this an episode or two. But I’d not be too hopeful. Unfortunately I was not able to get access to the manga which has started only in November 2012 (pretty recently). My anticipation thus is going off prior experience with Gainax trying this sort of show which is not good.

Anticipation Level: 3/10

Atelier Escha & Logy

By Boundless


Source:  Fantasy Alchemy Role-playing Game

Studio:  Studio Gokumi

Notable Staff: Tatsuhiko Urahata (scriptwriter and series composition for Saki, A-Channel, and Aria)

Tags: Fantasy


The world has gone through many Dusks, and it is slowly approaching the “Dusk End.” To try to survive the coming calamity, alchemists in the city of “Central” are researching new alchemical technologies. Logix Fiscario and Escha Malier are two young, aspiring alchemists that are both assigned to the Development Department. They both go off on an adventure to discover new secrets of the world with their alchemy.

As I have said before, anime adaptations of video games are (unfortunately) doomed to fail. From what I have seen of the game, it seems to be an atmospheric fantasy RPG focused on strong world building and a compelling magical crafting system in addition to fast paced, party based combat. I don’t really know why Studio Gokumi is making this, since they are mostly known for making calming slice of life such as Kiniro Mosaic or A-Channel. The series composer, Tatsuhiko Urahata, was the scriptwriter and/or series composer for Saki, A-Channel, and Aria. Based on their history, I would expect this show to have a calm, wistful esthetic, which clashes with combat offered by the original game. The PV is basically two minutes of pretty looking background art which does not really tell us much. Since there is very little information out for this I can’t really say anything else concrete about it.

Anticipation Level: 2/10

No Game No Life

By PumpkinMochi

no game no life

Source: Light novel

Studio: Madhouse

Notable Staff: Atsuko Ishizuka (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy


This riveting epic is about Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister who are NEETs. They have dedicated their lives to playing games, and they consider the real world to be a “crappy game”. Urban legends about their feats have spread throughout the Internet. One day, they are summoned to an alternate world where war has been replaced by games. In this realm, humans are a bunch of noobs compared to the other races, so it is up to our protagonists to save them.

Between this and Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin, it seems that being a NEET might be the best thing ever. You can look for buried treasure or play video games all day! The PV didn’t feature much other than character illustrations from the light novel, so I took a look at the manga adaptation, which was notable for the awkward and terrible fanservice. The director, Atsuko Ishizuka, has worked on some good shows in the past, but the last two projects that she was involved with were the Supernatural anime and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, which might have been the worst show of that season.

Everything else aside, the premise was enough for me to buy into the show. No Game No Life has the potential to be a quality trainwreck, and I would recommend watching it just to see the heights of shamelessness and stupidity that it can reach.

Anticipation Level: 5/10

Mahou Shoujo Taisen

By SerendipitouslySane

Mahou Shoujo Taisen tall

Source: Mobile/Handheld Games

Studio: Gainax (lol)

Notable Staff: yeah, no.

Genres: Magic


If Hitsugi no Chaika raised a few (FUCKING GIGANTIC) eyebrows, then Mahou Shoujo Taisen, also known as Magica Wars, has me running for the hills. This particular show features a host of magical girls who are supposed to represent each of the forty-seven prefectures in Japan, and began as a series of handheld games. If its commercialised origins wasn’t bad enough, it was picked up Gainax, who has done nothing but unwatchable drivel for the past few years (the exact cutoff date being a matter of contention), with an even greener director than Chaika.

Anticipation Level: sqrt(3)/10

Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara

By ParitcularlyPeeved

kanojo ga flagSource: Light Novel

Studio: Hoods Entertainment (Nothing you’d want to admit to having watched)

Notable Staff: None

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Harem


Hatate Sota is a high school boy, who has an ability to visualize “flags” for future events such as “death flag,” “friendship flag,” and “romance flag.” Despite the flag-viewing ability, he avoids making friends with others due to a trauma he experienced in a ship submergence accident. Four beautiful girls get interested in his strange way of living, and they begin to live with him at the school dorm by force.

Having read the first chapter of the manga, it does not look like this show holds any surprises. Falling under the harem genre, I expect a traditional story with the added twist of the main character being able to sort of predict the future based on “flags” raised (death, friendship, love). The idiot bro character and the childhood friend make early appearances. The show will probably be good for a few laughs, and at first glance does not seem to be as bad as say Noukome from last season. As expected, it is likely to have a very large focus on the flags and their ability to be broken through actions taken, which appears to be the aim of the main character.

Anticipation Level: 5/10

Seikoku no Dragonar

By Kelloggs

dragonar tallSource: Light Novel

Studio: C-Station (this is their first show)

Notable Staff: None

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy


Seikoku no Dragonar (Dragonar Academy) takes us to Ansarvian where students wield magic and summon dragons. It’s a fantastical land of spell slingers and dragon racing. Unfortunately our hero has been declared a problem child because he is unable to summon a dragon. Thus begins our tale of magic, might and… oh nono no nooh godnot thatwhyyyyyoh dear. So yeah, those shots from the PV (full video here if somehow you’re still interested) should give you a good idea of what this show is really about. In case you couldn’t guess, when Ash (yes, his name is Ash, eat your heart out Pokémon fans) finally manages to summon his dragon, the dragon turns out to be a girl with a bad attitude that declares herself to be his master rather than the other way around. The whole thing comes off like Zero no Tsukaima without any of the shame.

Now I shouldn’t be so quick to write off a show just because it looks to be heavy on the fanservice. I gave Daimidaler a fair shot before so why doesn’t Dragonar deserve the same? For one, while Daimidaler has prominent staff members from a relatively well regarded fanservice anime working on it, while Dragonar has nothing even resembling that pedigree. The studio, C-Station, has never been production lead on a project before. To be fair, it was an extension of Bee Train Productions which worked on some relatively decent anime in the past. Unfortunately, none of the primary staff members of Bee Train seem to be along for the ride and what credits the primary staff for Dragonar do have are decidedly lackluster. I can construct an argument for Dragonar based on the idea that Infinite Stratos was 8-bit’s first standalone production but any time your very best case scenario is Infinite Stratos (even season one of Infinite Stratos) it isn’t a great sign. The fact that the PV looks far more shameless and raunchy than anything out of IS is further cause for alarm. Really, I don’t have much in the way of good things to say about Seikoku no Dragonar. At best it might be some “this fucking show” fodder but even that might be asking too much.

Anticipation Level: 1/10

Black Bullet

By Boundless

black bullet

Source:  Light Novel and a Manga

Studio:  Kinema Citrus (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Code:Breaker)

Notable Staff: Masayuki Kojima (Director of Monster), Tatsuhiko Urahata (scriptwriter and series composition for Saki, A-Channel, and Aria)

Tags: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi


In 2023, a vicious and infectious virus appeared that threatened mankind. This virus could alter human DNA and turn them in to huge monsters. Scientists figured out that the virus was adversely affected by exposure to a rare metal called Varanium. However, the virus had already taken over most of the planet, so human civilization created quarantine areas by erecting rings of huge black monoliths made of Varanium and retreated into these safe zones. Now 10 years later, Rentarou Satomi and Enju Aihara work as part of a private civil security company to deal with instances when the virus makes it through the barrier.

My first impression of the Black Bullet manga was that it seemed a bit sillier than I had expected. I liked the post apocalyptic world it brings to life, but it seemed like the manga was going for a more serious tone than its content allowed. You have to be pretty careful if you want to have a dark and gritty story but still have villains dressed like this. All of the adults in the first few chapters seemed needlessly headstrong about disrespecting the young pair of civil security agents because of their youth. If this is a theme I am very surprised the manga is classified as ‘seinen’ instead of ‘shounen’. On top of that, the 10 year old girl who can unleash her powers as an Initiator to beat up giant infected spiders seemed a bit Light-Novel-ly next the edgy feel they were going for with the blood and gore. Could be something good but I am not optimistic.

Here is the preview video.

Anticipation Level: 3/10

Isshuukan Friends

By PumpkinMochi

isshuukan friends

Source: Manga

Studio: Brain’s Base

Notable Staff: None

Genres: Slice-of-life, Romance, Comedy


Yuuki Hase notices that Kaori Fujimiya, one of his classmates is always alone and seems to have no friends. He decides that he will try to befriend her, but learns that she loses her memory of the last week every Monday. Despite this, Yuuki endeavors to become her new friend every week. Basically, this is the anime version of 50 First Dates, but with the benefit of no Adam Sandler.

Unlike the other Brain’s Base show I covered, this one might actually be worth watching. I read a few chapters of the manga, which I didn’t know was a 4-koma. I liked that it was more light-hearted than I expected it to be given the premise. The characters were also pretty interesting and charming, and the art style.

The director hasn’t really done anything noteworthy, but the scriptwriter has worked on a variety of shows, including Darker than Black, Uchouten Kazoku, and Oregairu.  The PV also looked decent, and my hope is that it turns out to be a decent slice-of-life show that focuses on the friendship between the two leads without becoming bogged down in unnecessary drama.

Anticipation Level: 6/10

Gokukoku no Brynhildr

By Boundless


Source:  Manga

Studio:  Arms

Notable Staff: Imaizumi Kenichi (Director of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Tags: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy


When he was younger, Ryouta Murakami liked a girl his age who he called Kuroneko. She believed that aliens were real and claimed to have met them. Ryouta was skeptical at first, but she was adamant and took him to a place where they could meet the aliens. However, on the way they had a terrible accident and Kuroneko died while Ryouta was left greatly injured in the hospital.

Years later, because of a promise he had made to her, Ryouta is obsessed with trying to prove the existence of aliens. Strangely, a girl, who looked just like Kuroneko from his childhood, transferred into his class. Her name was Neko Kuroha. She claimed to be a magician who escaped from a research lab and she possessed incredible strength. Ryouta is soon trying to help her avoid capture by authorities and military researchers as he tries to figure out who she really is.

I was not particularly impressed by some of the writing in the first few chapters of the manga. However it is very highly rated so maybe it gets better later on. A friend of mine who has read up to the current issues says that is gets very dark, which is actually a plus for me. There were some pretty gruesome scenes early on so I can only imagine how far they might go. It had kinda a conspiracy vibe to it also, when unmarked military trucks started combing the woods for them. The PV made it seem like a thriller so it could be a sleeper.

Anticipation Level: 5/10

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?

By ParticularlyPeeved


Source: Manga

Studio: White Fox (Steins;Gate, Hataraku Maou-sama)

Notable Staff: None

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life


Cocoa arrives at the cafe Rabbit House one day, excited for rabbits. She actually all but lives in that cafe. She meets lots of different girls there, including a tiny and cool girl named Chino, a tough and soldier-esque girl named Lize, a spacey and quintessentially Japanese girl named Chiyo, and the ordinary but dignified Sharo.

This show, “Gochiusa” for short, is based off a 4-koma manga. The author is pretty unknown. I’m basing my expectations for this show pretty much off the synopsis and the fact that the studio behind Steins;Gate and Hataraku Maou-sama is producing this. Animation should be good, and the story should be standard slice-of-life fare, more towards Yuyushiki style rather than Tamayura style (storytelling-wise). Being a fan of slice-of-life, I’ll give this a watch. After all, one can never have too much of cute girls doing cute things.

Anticipation: 6.5/10

Break Blade

By Boundless

break blade tallSource: Manga and a series of six movies also animated by Production I.G that are based on the manga.

Studio: Production I.G

Notable Staff: Nobuyoshi Habara (Director, also directed all of the Break Blade movies)

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Mecha, Military


In the continent of Cruzon, an impending war between the Kingdom of Krisna and the nation of Athens is brimming. Everyone in this world is born with an innate ability to telekinetically control and manipulate a special mineral called Quartz. However, the protagonist (Rygart Arrow) was born an “Un-Sorcerer” and does not possess this ability. With war looming, a mecha built by an ancient civilization is unearthed that does not seem to be powered by Quartz at all. Somehow only an Un-Sorcerer can pilot it and Rygart must use it to defend his kingdom.

The long running Break Blade manga is very highly praised by mecha fans. In fact, it has already been adapted into a series of six movies of the same name also produced by Production I.G. The director, Nobuyoshi Habara, and much of the art and production team are the same ones who worked on these movies. The fact that these high budget productions are already out, it kinda begs the question: Why does this exist? The plot synopsis on MAL is a copy-paste from the synopsis of the first Break Blade movie so it seems like it is a retelling with a TV budget. Fan forum speculation seems to indicate that the movie series deviated slightly from the manga and the TV anime will follow it more faithfully.

The primary complaint leveled at the original manga and movie series is that the premise isn’t particularly “original.” Structurally and thematically it is very similar to Gundam Seed, albeit with a much more “rustic fantasy” feel instead of hard Sci-Fi. Break Blade has a heavy focus on character struggles and growth against a backdrop of political strife and military tactics that is very reminiscent of Gundam Seed. Both have many plot lines in common: The earliest specific example is having childhood friends end up facing off on opposite sides of the war. Despite this lack of originality, the movie series was very well received because of how the premise was executed and Production I.G’s visual production value. I am hoping that the anime adaptation will be “more of the same good” and live up to its promising franchise.

You can check out the PV here.

Anticipation Level: 7/10

Selector Infected WIXOSS

By SerendipitouslySane

wixossSource: Original

Studio: J.C. Staff (Shakugan no Shana, Raildex franchise)

Notable Staff: Satou Takuya (Director: Steins;Gate, Setokai no Ichizon), Okada Mari (Series Composition: Hanasaku Iroha, Nagi no Asakura, Toradora!)

Genres: Game, Psychological, Being teenage girl is suffering


Of all the many anime titles that makes no sense, Selector Infected WIXOSS makes the least sense of them all. The premise of the show is fairly unknown, with no original material or a coherent plot synopsis to go off. All we do know is that it involves magical girl card games, pubescent girls and despair.

A winning combination.

A winning combination.

However, despite there being a tie-in card game to WIXOSS, which usually would be mutual exclusive with quality, the show seems solid enough. The director, Satou Takuya, has a short list of previous experiences, but one of which is Steins;Gate, a stellar show with a real knack of showing off strong negative sentiments. In addition, Mari Okada, a walking maelstrom of melodrama and emotions, is on the team as series composition. I don’t know how they will address a typically juvenile theme in an apparently dark show, but at least I know it will be interesting.

Dreams and nightmares.

Dreams and nightmares.

Anticipation Level: 9/10

Mushishi Zoku Shou

By PumpkinMochi


Source: Manga

Studio: Artland

Notable Staff: Hiroshi Nagahama (Mushishi, Detroit Metal City)

Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural


There are creatures called Mushi that have supernatural powers. Most people are incapable of perceiving them and often are not aware that they even exist. There are a few individuals who can see them, including Ginko, the protagonist of Mushishi. He travels around from place to place to learn more about Mushi and to help people who are experiencing problems as a result of Mushi.

This is a sequel to the 2003 Mushishi series, which is one of my favorite anime. Despite its episodic nature, I felt that almost all of the episodes maintained the same level of quality, and I liked how timeless most of the stories felt. It was adapted from a manga that started in 1999. The franchise has won numerous awards over the years, including the Kondasha Manga Award and a Tokyo Anime Award. The Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs has ranked it 9th on their list of best manga and 6th on their list of best anime. It was also adapted into a live-action film in 2007.

The fact that most of the key staff from the 2003 anime have returned to work on this, including the director, script writer, and art director, is a huge plus. For that reason and others, Mushishi Zoku Shou is my most anticipated show from the Spring season.

Anticipation Level: 10/10

Akuma no Riddle

By Kelloggs

akuma no riddle tall

Source: Manga

Studio: Diomedea (Ika Musume, Gingitsune, Mondaiji)

Notable Staff: Kusakawa Keizo (Director: Nanoha A’s/StrikerS, Dog Days)

Genres: Action, Yuri


Myoujou Academy’s “black” class in the tenth year has thirteen students. Twelve of them are assassins and the one remaining student is their target. The main character, Azuma Tokaku is an ill-tempered, stand-offish assassin who is targeting the always friendly and chipper Ichinose Haru. However, things don’t go exactly as expected as Tokaku begins to develop feelings for Haru. Instead of proceeding with the assassination plan, Tokaku vows to defend Haru against the other eleven assassins.

That’s a funny combination of genres up there, isn’t it? It was especially perplexing to me since I have almost zero patience for violent, action anime but I have a really hard time saying no to anything that comes with a nice helping of yuri. I decided to investigate by reading the manga to see how each element is weighted. I had planned to do my standard two to three chapters just to get a taste but I was immediately hooked and ended up reading all thirteen translated chapters in one sitting. While there are a few intense action sequences the bulk of the manga was devoted to setting up the characters and their relationships and how they view the world. Some people complain about the fact that “nothing happens” or that the manga is “too slow” but I don’t believe that you need to have people actively trying to kill each other for something interesting to happen. What the manga offered in lieu of pure blood sport was far more interesting in my opinion.

The obvious comparison here is Mirai Nikki which also involved twelve numbered assassins although they were trying to kill each other rather than a common target. Outside of the ending I liked Mirai Nikki quite a bit although at times it was a bit too gory for my tastes. Akuma no Riddle seems to have taken the gore part away but kept the intrigue and conflicting views of humanity. Throwing in a little yuri for good measure doesn’t hurt. The other anime I’d compare Akuma no Riddle to, and this is going to sound crazy but hear me out, is Clannad. I know the premises are about as different as you can get but the primary couple in both shows consists of a jaded, cynical lead who is tired of the world and all the people in it, confronted with a girl with a similarly tragic past who, despite having every right to have given up, remains relentlessly optimistic and cheerful. I don’t expect this to play out in exactly the same way but that particular dynamic was one of the many things I loved about Clannad and seeing it in an unexpected place like this was a pleasant surprise.

As for how the show might make the transition from the page to the screen (or the screen to the screen if you read on your computer like I do) I remain cautiously optimistic. Diomedea isn’t the greatest studio out there but they’ve proven capable of putting together a solid anime with the right source material and this certainly seems like some worthy source material. Director Kusakawa Keizo seems like a solid choice to direct since he also directed all of Nanoha (outside of the first season) as well as Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou, which are action-oriented anime that also have yuri undertones (or overtones in certain parts of Nanoha). None of the other confirmed staff members have any previous work of note but I’m hopeful that Kusakawa can captain the ship well enough to make this a worthy adaptation. I know throwing 10/10’s around is just asking for disappointment but after what I’ve seen from the manga I can’t put anything else here.

Anticipation Level: 10/10

And there you have it. (Almost) Everything you need to know about the upcoming anime season. Now it just needs to get here and mercifully end this season.

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7 Responses to Spring 2014 Season Preview (Part 3)

  1. flamerounin says:

    wait, isn’t Lol-Idols’ premise a bit too similar with that of Wake Up Girls! ?

    as for Break Blade, i love the movies despite the fact that they had a very open ending (Rygart just found his little brother, laughed, and not a single one of the larger conflicts were actually resolved). so i am looking forward as to how far they can go with this one.

    now for Mari Okada, she actually has two shows premiering this spring: Wixoss and M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane (this one has that Aquarion Evol vibe going for it). I will say say it flat out here: despite some issues, Nagi no Asiukara is simply amazing (i place it alongside AnoHana as one of her best works). coming from that, i am quite worried as how she will handle two entirely different shows simultaneously.i read once that the quality of her writng tend to drop the more shows she work on at a given time (NagiAsu was the only series she worked on for the Fall and Winter seasons). so i am sure that one of these two is bound to get overly melodramatic.

  2. Demonstrable says:

    I’ve been putting off watching Mushishi since I don’t typically enjoy episodic shows but now seems like a good time to finally give it a shot.

    Thanks for doing this preview it has been helpful with narrowing down the shows I want to check out this season.

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