Kelloggs’ Anime Power Rankings: Fall 2013 Week 13

With several shows completed and several more on break for the week there are significantly fewer shows to rank this week. Still, finales are always interesting to took about and we had quite a few of those.

Guess who's back

Guess who’s back

1. White Album 2

While I might stop short of calling it the perfect final episode for this series the White Album 2 finale certainly hit all the points it needed to hit. White Album 2 was quite the ride offering a story that even when you largely knew where things were going still commanded your attention like few other anime from this year. The ending was obviously not quite conclusive but as an introduction to a larger story White Album 2 hit all the right notes. It will likely be a long time until we see another anime romance like this one (unless Closing Chapter gets announced)

Final Verdict: 9/10

2. Nagi no Asukara

Well that got serious really quickly. I had been afraid of the boatdrift ceremony somehow magically solving everybody’s problems as that would have been too cheap in my mind. What we got was unexpected but vastly superior to that option. Somebody recently asked on twitter what ship in Nagi makes the least sense and I considered Chisaki x Tsumugu but that seems like it might be a thing now and I can’t really disagree. The closeness created by a shared secret like the one Tsumugu and Chisaki have shared can go a long way towards creating romantic entanglement and I kind of like the dynamic here. Obviously the big question from here is what happened to Manaka. I don’t believe they can kill her off but that fall she took looked rough. Waiting for the next episode is going to be agony.

Akari was quite pretty as the sea queen

Akari was quite pretty as the sea queen

3. Little Busters Refrain

This was a case where it was difficult for me to separate my personal affection for the original visual novel from what the anime put forward. For a final episode to a story as winding and heartfelt as Little Busters I guess I expected a little bit more that I ended up getting. The episode had heart but it wasn’t as emotionally potent as the source and in the end it wasn’t enough to keep it above Nagi this week. I’m glad that JC Staff managed to right the ship with Refrain but it still wasn’t up to the standard of the source material in the end.

Final Verdict: 7/10

4. Non Non Biyori

Speaking of underwhelming final episodes, the finale of Non Non Biyori was much weaker than I had expected or hoped. With iyashikei, and really atmospheric slice of life in general, the last episode is the easiest one to get right. After the viewer has been through 11-12 episodes it becomes almost easy to call back to the nostalgia of the events we’ve been through and the affection we’ve built for the cast. To this end, the final episodes of other similar anime this year like Tamayura and Yuyushiki were easily the strongest episodes in their respective series. The fact that Non Non offered up an episode that was merely agreeable rather than one that truly took advantage of the emotional attachment of the viewers has to be considered something of a failure. I like the show quite a bit as a whole but it could have been more than it was.

Final Verdict: 7/10

5. Teekyuu

Teekyuu will continue as it always has: delivering mad hat comedy in a breakneck two minute window each week. I love Teekyuu for what it is and am genuinely glad we will continue to see more of it every week next season.

Final Verdict: Teekyuu/10



6. Meganebu

Much like Teekyuu, Meganebu’s final episode was a microcosm of the show as a whole. It had its genuinely funny moments like when the previously paper thin non-glasses-wearers put on glasses and suddenly become real people but overall the show missed as often as it hit. I enjoyed Meganebu for what it was and I appreciate this type of niche humor when it happens to appeal to me. If nothing else, I’m glad Meganebu exists. When it was on it made me laugh with the best of them and I can’t get too down on a show with high points like Meganebu’s

Final Verdict: 6/10

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