12 Days of Anime #0 – RWBY White

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas yesterday with lots of holiday cheer to celebrate the end of the Twelve Days of Anime (my PR department told me to say this). I wanted to do an unofficial 13th post dedicated to something that does not fall into most people’s definition of Anime. Specifically the White Trailer for Rooster Teeth’s new show: RWBY.

Weiss Shnee is the true Ice Queen.

Weiss Shnee is the true Ice Queen.

Now before you close this tab in disgust please hear me out. I can see why many people do not consider RWBY anime since it is produced by a US based studio, has all English voice actresses, and uses predominantly CG animation made in Poser™. But it is available for streaming on Crunchy Roll and is listed as a trackable ONA on Hummingbird.me so I don’t think I am completely off my rocker and I really do think it is something special.

I was scrolling through Crunchy Roll a few weeks back looking for something new to pass the time when I stumbled upon RWBY. I figured “Why the hell not? It’s by Rooster Teeth, might as well check it out.” I started by watching their trailers and was completely blown away but the White trailer.

Every aspect of this trailer is a marvel to behold. The music is obviously one of the strongest points as Casey Williams complements the somber piano melody beautifully. The song’s lyrics reflect Weiss’s lonely childhood and the mirror motif prevalent throughout the trailer. Adjusting the tone and tempo of the music to match the energy of the fight was an excellent touch. It was absolutely chilling when the moonlight shifted to look like Weiss’s tears as the song turned to a mournful wail. I was holding my breath as the music swelled, leading up to the climactic final stroke.

RWBY _White_ Trailer(720p_H.264-AAC).mp4_snapshot_02.51_[2013.12.25_01.55.21]

They even did an excellent job conveying her emotions through just the facial expressions. I thought the look of pity in her eyes as seals the monsters fate was very powerful.

Even if you don’t think RWBY is for you, I implore you to at least watch the trailer below. I guarantee it will be well worth four minutes of your time.

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