12 Days of Anime #10 – Trafalgar Law

I have never really been into the main stream shounen shows such as Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece. However, I do like adventure stories about courage, camaraderie, and straight out testosterone-infused badassery so I can see the appeal. You can revel in just how cool these characters are. And sometimes it is just important to sit back and enjoy the spectacle of a well choreographed action sequence. No show understands this better than One Piece.

Warlord Trafalgar Law

Warlord Trafalgar Law

I started watching the most recent arc of One Piece at the urging of my roommate. Since he was already watching it each weekend I figured why the hell not? He brought me up to speed on the situation and the characters thus far. I was expected a long drawn out battle arc, but I did not expect just how intense the climax would be.

The final confrontation between Trafalgar Law and Vergo ended in probably the most bad ass finish I have seen in an action show. Together with Law’s speech basically calling out everyone for not doing anything in the past two years immediately made him my favorite character in One Piece.

My thought process as I watched this scene:

Ok they froze, so what happened?

Law seems to be alive.

Oh shit. He straight up cut Vergo in two!

Wait…what is all that green stuff.

OH SHIT. He cut the whole room in half!

Now we are outside. What is that moun—-


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One Response to 12 Days of Anime #10 – Trafalgar Law

  1. Desperado316 says:

    This scene was just…. O.O
    “Did that just happen?”

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