12 Days of Anime #11 – Bar-Be-Cue ♪

The first season of Minami-ke, which is about three sisters and their friends, aired back in 2007. Having watched every season of it, I consider it to be one of my favorite slice-of-life comedies. It has proved to be very popular in Japan, with the fourth season, Tadaima, airing this year.

Obligatory Christmas-related picture

The thing that I like the most about Minami-ke has been its characters, and I would regard two of them in particular as being among my favorite characters in all of anime. The first one, Kana Minami, is the middle sister of the titular family. Although she is book dumb, she makes up for it with her people skills. Her ability to manipulate others for her, and the audience’s, amusement is a good source of comedy.

You can’t argue with the shirt.

The other character who supplies a good deal of the comedy is Hosaka, with his habits of losing himself in his own personality and spontaneously stripping regardless no matter the location. His mastery of cooking in his pursuit of Haruka is also admirable. Hosaka was responsible for one of my favorite anime scenes of the past year. After hearing that Haruka and her friends were putting on a outdoor party, he decides that he has to become a master of barbecue. This leads into a montage set to a hilarious song about barbecue performed by Daisuke Ono, Hosaka’s voice actor.


A good amount of the jokes in Minami-ke: Tadaima, even if they worked on their own, were rehashed from previous seasons, and this wasn’t an exception. In an episode from Okaeri, Hosaka had imagined that he was a concert pianist performing a song about curry. I don’t mind the reusing of jokes in this case since it had been four years since the last series. For me, the jokes were kind of like comfort food, as they brought back the good memories I had of Minami-ke. For that reason, I would include this scene as one of my favorite moments of anime in 2013.

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One Response to 12 Days of Anime #11 – Bar-Be-Cue ♪

  1. I was planning to grab a youtube clip of the song for you to add to the post but there seems to be no good youtube clip of the song. It’s disappointing since I agree that it was a great scene.

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