12 Days of Anime #12: Ahoy There Cap’n Karen

Over the next 12 days some of us (*cough* not Serendipitous *cough*) here at Pedantic Perspective will be participating in the 12 days of anime project. Each day we will post about one of our favorite anime-related moments from the past year.

First up for me in this project is a show from this summer that will retain a special place in my heart: Kiniro Mosaic.

Like most great anime, Kiniro Mosaic actually takes place at Disney Land

Like most great anime, Kiniro Mosaic actually takes place at Disney Land

Kiniro mosaic as a show was nice enough overall. I’ll have more to say about the show itself in my end of year top 20 later on but for now I’d like to focus on the second half of the final episode which contained one of the most enchanting, humorous, adorable and all around enjoyable setpieces I’ve ever seen in a slice of life anime.

And not just because of the additional kinpatsu

And not just because of the additional kinpatsu

Shino’s story took us on a magical journey through her fanciful take on what a fairy tale involving the main cast of the show might look like. The way she reimagined all the characters and put them together into a musical number that was just the right length was pure brilliance on the part of the writers. Ayaya as a mermaid (who’s in love with Prince Yoko obviously) was a nice touch and I loved blonde Shino finally being able to live out her dream of being a kinpatsu shoujo. But the real highlight of the whole exercise had to be Pirate Captain Karen.

Ahoy Matey

Ahoy Matey

It’s so absurd to imagine Karen as a pirate (almost as abusurd as the idea of a blonde Shino) but the thing is, it just worked. Once Karen had been revealed as the pirate captain it felt like there was no other possibility for her character. To see her stomping around the deck, singing about taking treasure and threatening Shino with her gun flanked by her lackeys was simultaneously both surreal and entirely believable. Something about her thirst for adventure and her lack of regard for anything besides having fun made the character fit her to a T. It took the whole show’s worth of building her character traits up to make this work and the payoff was wonderful.

Karens are known to be quite dangerous

Karens are known to be quite dangerous

In the end, Kiniro Mosaic wasn’t the best anime this year, or even the best 4koma slice of life anime. But for those few shining minutes it was an example of something that every anime of its ilk should aspire to. You define the characters, you set up the relationships, and if you’re lucky in the end you can put it all together and pull off something like the musical number in Kiniro Mosaic. It’s not often that something reaches this level but when it does, the result is pure magic.

I know what you mean

I know what you mean

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2 Responses to 12 Days of Anime #12: Ahoy There Cap’n Karen

  1. Boundless says:

    I was hoping to do a 12 days post about this too but yours has done it justice. My favorite part though was the mermaid Aya.

    This episode by itself actually raised my score for this show by two points. I am not very familiar with Iyashikei and I thought this show was “nice” at best. But it could be because I love musicals, or any of the reasons you listed above, but I absolutely loved this episode. I choose to remember the show by my feelings during the last episode only.

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