Watamote 04: The Best Laid Plans….

Sometimes your best plans don’t work out the way you had in mind. Sometimes your best plans weren’t very good plans in the first place.

It never works out that way

It never works out that way

It’s human nature to want an easy solution to difficult problems. When you are sexually frustrated you want to find an easy trick to force dreams about such things. When you aren’t popular you hope a singular event or a new look or product can solve your problems. When none of that works you want to drown your problems in an otome game and a vibrator. Unfortunately the easy fixes rarely work. (Actually, that last one totally works)  Such is the plight of Tomoko as she tries to find a quick fix to her little unpopularity problem. Even knowing her schemes are pretty harebrained they manage to fail even more spectacularly than any of us could have hoped.

Perfect timing

Perfect timing

The erotic dream plan was fairly reasonable. If the real world has let you down why not escape into the dream world? (SS: Because you might get trapped in it and forced to play an untuned MMORPG for two years and run into your l-, oh wait, wrong show) It’s very escapist and not really a long term solution but hey, at least it’s easy. The whole dream plan presents with an amusing and relateable intro to the meat of this weeks episode. However,  if the erodream portion of this episode was a return to the whimsical if not light-hearted feel of earlier episodes, the train molestation sequence was certainly a return to the grim feel of episode three.

Typical Japanese Train (SS:  actually significantly more comfortable than a real Japanese train)

Typical Japanese Train (SS: actually significantly more comfortable than a real Japanese train)

I firmly believe that nothing should be off limits in comedy but an explicit desire to be molested made me pretty uncomfortable. Tomoko was never being held up as a role model here but she’s ostensibly our heroine so it was unsettling for her to express such a desire. Things got pretty tense there for a while in the train but it all turned out well in the end when the “molester” was revealed to be a practice sword. (my money was on umbrella handle) With that over with it was time for the best part of the episode and by that I mean casual clothes Yuu.

Holy Crap Adorable

Holy Crap Adorable

After her other plans fail Tomoko draws the sensible conclusion and decides that the source of the problem is probably under her skirt, specifically her lack of fancy panties. Fashion is a tricky thing. People don’t generally tell you how to do it right so one must work it out through observation and research and practice. When you’re on the outside trying to get in like Tomoko things can be pretty hard, especially when you aren’t in control of your own finances. However, instead of doing any real research or asking useful question it’s full speed ahead to fancy panty land for Tomoko.

The stuff dreams are made of

The stuff dreams are made of

In a stunning turn of events that will surprise no one, this plan fails spectacularly. We once again bear witness to the vicious cycle that social isolation can trigger as Tomoko decides the solution is to escape to yet another otome game. Once again real change and self-improvement proves to be too difficult and Tomoko decides to take the easy way out. But don’t worry Tomoko, you’re still young and there’s plenty of time left for you. (if only we were all so lucky) I’m sure you’ll have better luck next time. (probably not)

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